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internet security

More cyber safety tips for kids

In this generation, where there’s a kid, there’s a smartphone or a tablet. Today, kids face more online threats and risks than before. Surprisingly, most of them have fallen victims to various online threats including phishing scams, identity theft, cyberbullying, and many other threats. With the rapidly changing technological landscape, kids adapt more quickly, and …

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A VPN for Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is now the best-preferred mode for financial exchanges over the internet. Despite various hurdles such as fluctuations, cryptocurrency provides the most secure means of exchange as it involves several encryptions. Most people like cryptocurrency because it’s anonymous since it’s decentralized (meaning no central bank controls your funds) and you can transact from one user …

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Tips on how to protect yourself against cybercrime

The open internet has many dangers lurking and waiting for unsuspecting users. Internet threats and crimes continue to plague unprepared users and even those who are prepared. With the advancements in technology such as AI, neural networks and the emergence of 5G, cybercrime continues to evolve too. The best way to protect yourself is by …

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