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Boost Seo With Ebay Viewer Bots And Watcher Bots

Drive-up listing views as much as you want using eBay viewer and watcher bots. It isn’t exactly fair play, but how many views are real people on other listings? The number would surprise you.

Bots are part of the online retail ecosystem, and it’s better to have them on your side. However, eBay feels differently about that. If you are caught using viewer bots, your account will face permanent suspension.

But don’t worry! eBay can only tell when you’re using a bot if you aren’t rotating your IP address.

You need to pair each viewer account with rotating residential proxies. That way, each view appears to come from a unique person from a separate device.  


Scrape market data from ebay

Analyze customer and market data to find the optimal price point for your listings. Most websites, including eBay, will blacklist IPs who try to scrape their websites. Most of the time, it’s because web scrapers send too many requests and set off red flags.

The way around IP bans when scraping eBay is to send each request through a different IP address. This is done with rotating residential proxies. There’s no need to change the IP manually. Our proxy rotation engine integrates with any web scraping tool – all you need to do is set the location and request rate.

ebay proxies

Bypass geo-restrictions

In many countries, you can’t use eBay. Bummer! However, there’s a simple technique to get around any geo-blocks. It works with services like Netflix and social media platforms too.

Residential proxies allow you to access the internet through another real user device from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is select a residential proxy from our easy-to-use browser extension, and you can access eBay from banned countries or office servers.


Create multiple ebay stealth seller accounts

eBay has a knack for banning seller accounts. You don’t even have to violate any terms of services or policy agreements – their rules seem pretty open to interpretation.

This is why it’s essential to consider having a backup plan in case you lose your entire eBay operation along with your loyal customers and a fat stack of positive reviews.


Worry less using eBay stealth accounts.

Even if you’ve already had your eBay seller account banned, you won’t be able to create another one with the same exact personal details and IP address.

But if you have eBay stealth accounts, you can carry on doing business on eBay without missing a beat. There is no waiting for long appeal processes that lead to a dead-end and no walking on eggshells hoping you don’t offend anyone. Sleep well knowing that if competitors start leaving bad reviews or sabotaging your eBay rapport, you can just shift your weight onto another seller account.


Efficiently manage multiple eBay seller accounts.

All it takes to set up each eBay stealth account is a residential proxy, alternate personal details, and a stealth Paypal account.

To keep your account secure for the long-term, pair it with a fresh proxy that will localize your store to one region.


Effortless control and minimalist design.

Our user dashboard is made for busy entrepreneurs and tech specialists who already have enough on their plates. In other words, IPburger’s proxy management extension is stripped down to the essentials. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have every feature you need.

  • Point-and-click menus for city-level targeting
  • Sticky sessions
  • HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5 protocols
  • Download lists of residential IPs
  • Check your IP address
  • Create custom profiles

Create And Manage Your eBay Accounts

Choose between Residential or Fresh proxies

Residential Proxies

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Fresh Proxies

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Flexible residential plans for eBay Proxies

Residential Proxies

Premium plans are best for account management and purchasing due to its larger IP pool, location and ISP selection. It also does well with web scraping and other use cases. Our Regular plans have a smaller IP pool as well as location and ISP selection. Regular plans are best for web scraping and other automated tasks.
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Regular Plans
Premium Plans

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