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Safely Create And Manage Multiple Etsy Accounts The Easy Way With Residential And Fresh Proxies.

Etsy allows multiple accounts if each shop is for a distinctly different business. 

For example, your hand-knit cat sweaters and lovely taxidermy handbags can have their own special stores.

This makes it easy for your marketing strategy. 

In our example, the first business might target single, middle-aged women—the other…people with a deadly sense of fashion.

But what if you want to create multiple Etsy stores for the same niche?

Simply put, it puts you in the fast lane to ban town.

But if you mask your IP address with proxies and follow the Etsy Stealth Account protocol, you can create as many as you want!

Etsy has some of the most strict policies on account verification.

 It’s not easy, but it is possible and puts you in a position to grow your Etsy business faster than others. 


Use Etsy Bots Without The Bans.

Etsy bots help free up your time. Answering simple questions, updating stock, shipping, and bulk listing is done automatically with easy-to-use services.

Did you know Etsy bans clients caught using 3rd party automation software?

It’s true. Spammers and scammers tend to use the same kind of helpful software, and instead of sorting out the good from the bad, Etsy cuts down any accounts that demonstrate automatic activity.

There is a way around it.

Etsy notices you when your IP address sends too many requests. Instead, use rotating residential proxies to split up the request load. 

When your bots send their requests through thousands of different user devices, Etsy won’t know any better.

That way, you can freely use Etsy bots to upgrade your services, offer a better customer experience, and increase your sales. 


Never Lose Buisness With Etsy Account Bans Again.

Create and manage multiple stealth accounts, corner the market, and keep it that way. 

Even if you lose one account for some reason, you have others.

The downtime alone can sink a business. 

Customers flock to another artist, and you’re left waiting on the good graces of Etsy policy enforcement.

Instead, invest in your business. Along with the utility of insuring your business, residential proxies allow you to use your favorite automation tools to provide a calm and efficient experience for both you and your fans. 


Easily Manage Etsy Accounts On An Intuitive Proxy Dashboard.

Localize your proxies for country, state, and city-level targeting. Simply point-and-click for the settings you want, including device, browser, and protocol.

Create And Manage Your Etsy Accounts

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Flexible residential plans for Etsy Proxies

Residential Proxies

Premium plans are best for account management and purchasing due to its larger IP pool, location and ISP selection. It also does well with web scraping and other use cases. Our Regular plans have a smaller IP pool as well as location and ISP selection. Regular plans are best for web scraping and other automated tasks.
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