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Highest Quality Residential
Canadian Proxies

Get fast and steady IPs from any city in the great white north. 

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Localize your web access in Canada with real user devices.

There are currently 458,365 Residential Proxy IPs in Canada
Travel Fare Proxies

Access millions of Canadian IPs to increase online anonymity, support large data scraping projects, check for ad fraud, dominate social media marketing, and create stealth seller accounts. 

Create multiple user profiles for automated online shopping.

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Get the latest limited-edition sneakers from Shopify by getting to the check-out faster than anyone else.

Sneaker bots aren’t sneaky anymore. The days of datacenter proxies are nearing an end. You must use residential and mobile proxies for your highest chance at copping shoes—you still appear as a single shopper with residential IPs and won’t trigger auto-IP bans.

Residential proxies are an auto-checkout bot’s universal access key to anonymity. Get the rarest release of electronics, concert tickets — anything that sells out fast — you get first.

Easy to Use


Our IPBurger proxy manager makes switching IPs simple, so preparing for sneaker drops and hot items takes less time. Simply choose your location and download as many IPs in a list.

Fastest in Canada


We have thousands of IPs in specific cities nearest to Shopify’s Content Delivery Network servers in Canada and major Sneaker retailer servers – Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa.  

Mine data with unlimited residential IPs in Canada.

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Canada is a large enough market to warrant the help of automated data collection. By using web scraping tools, businesses have insight into rising and falling demands and the needs of their customers.

You’re missing out on 99% of the big picture without data intelligence. And without residential proxies, you’re missing out on the full power of your web scraper.

So team your web scraping tools with the fastest, most reliable Canadian IPs from IPBurger. 

Unlimited Connections

Choose a data package and get access to unlimited IP rotation across the nation of Canada. 

Intuitive User Interface

Target by province or city, filter ISPs, download IP lists and manage your proxies from an elegant dashboard. 

Create and manage multiple social media accounts in Canada.

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By setting up your social accounts with mobile and residential proxies, there’s no limit to how many you can have. The only thing stopping you is how many unique browser profiles you can keep track of.

Then, manage each profile and user account with Fresh proxies. This will enable you to pass the accounts to other associates or access them anywhere in the world without suspicion. Simply log into your proxy manager before logging into your social media account.

You can feel safe knowing your social media automation won’t get flagged. And if you do get banned, your other accounts won’t face the same end.

Increase your following and views by creating:

  • Multiple Facebook accounts
  • Multiple Instagram accounts
  • Multiple Reddit accounts
  • Multiple Kijiji accounts
  • Multiple Twitch accounts
  • Multiple Etsy accounts

All in Canada. As many as you like. 

Create Stealth accounts in Canada.

Get banned on Amazon or an eBay suspension? Not to worry—you can sell once again by creating seller accounts that aren’t linked to any other account.
You can even prevent future disabling bans by creating multiple stealth accounts. Should anything happen to one account, you can feel safe knowing that the other seller’s account will remain unknown.

Verify ads in Canada.

Target Canadian cities with residential IPs so you can see how your ads look. By using residential IPs to change your location on the web, you become the target of your ads and see what your customers see.

This is also useful for seeing what your affiliates are up to—by changing your IP address, you can bypass any strategies to hide ads from you.

get live 24/7 customer service Whenever you need it.

We know that using proxies can be challenging at first. That’s why we’re here to listen to your problems and come up with real solutions. The IPBurger support team is here to sit down with you and troubleshoot issues so you can accomplish your goals.

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