Accelerate brand visibility across multiple accounts with the help of Pinterest proxies.

Manage numerous Pinterest accounts without any risk.

Never lose accounts to partial blocks or IP bans again. Create, manage, and automate Pinterest campaigns using millions of real devices in hundreds of cities worldwide.

Cancel anytime. No tech-skills required.

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Unlock Pinterest With Residential Proxies.

For whatever reason, you’d like to access Pinterest from another part of the world – maybe it’s restricted to your area. (Pinterest is blocked in China)

You can easily circumnavigate geo blocks using residential proxies.
When using residential proxies, your internet activity routes through other smartphones and desktops. What a host site will see is the IP address of the proxy instead of your own.

It works the same for local restrictions you might find at universities and workplaces that mitigate temptation by blocking access to social platforms. You simply portal through to another device whose IP address isn’t shackled to the local server. 


Unlimited Pinterest Accounts For Exponential Growth.

You can create up to three accounts on Pinterest. With proxies – there’s no limit. What you can do with one account, you can now multiply to meet your goals.

Stealth Pinterest accounts can comment and message Pinterest users who share interests. If any accounts receive spam reports that lead to a ban, you don’t have to worry because you can just make another.

This means that you can efficiently manage numerous accounts and expand your following without any risk.  


Corner The Market. Use Pin Bots To Automate Everything.

Pin bots allow users to automate everything from follows, likes, comments and have additional tools to search and scrape images to pin and repin.
Automate welcome messages to new followers, and invite them to pin on your board. Imagine scaling this level of automation through multiple accounts!

The only thing you need to remember is that social media platforms like Pinterest don’t like bots or automation software. Therefore, it’s essential to cloak your IP address with proxies so you can enjoy long-term growth.

Residential proxies are highly trustable and enable bots by hiding the number of requests that automation tools need to send.


Eliminate The Possibility Of Losing Accounts With IPBurger’s Simple Pinterest Proxy Solution.

If Pinterest suspends your account, you can’t create another without changing your IP address and personal information. If you create multiple accounts and get a suspension for some reason, all of your other accounts are also put at risk.

The solution to mass suspensions is to create multiple accounts that can’t be linked to each other. This means creating Pinterest accounts with rotating IPs and managing each new account with a designated Fresh Proxy.

This strategy ensures the safety of your accounts, so you don’t lose everything from one random suspension. 


Completely Compatible With All Pinterest Autopin Bots And Scripts.

Use Pinterest proxies with any combo of browser, API, bots, and custom software. Scrape Pinterest with PinBot AI or use your favorite web scraping application. Inject residential proxies into your automation services – from NinjaPinner to FollowLiker – or let our proxy rotator do its thing in the background.

Robust And Painless Dashboard Control.

Point-and-click for the country, state, and city-level targeting. Rotate residential IPs in any region or set up 30-minute sticky sessions. Everything you need to organize custom proxies for Pinterest account registration and management is at your fingertips.

Unlimited Threads And Connections.

When you sign up for IPBurger’s Pinterest proxies, you have access to 75+ million proxies worldwide. There’s no rate limiting or bandwidth throttling – just continuous streams of IPs. Post as many pins per day as you desire, whether for personal Pinterest marketing or providing services for dozens of clients. You have our support.