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Digital freedom, unrestricted internet and surfing safely is what IPBurger VPN service offers.With servers located all over the globe, IPBurger VPN brings all the internet content to your browser.

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Use IPBurger VPN to unblock and gain access to

  • Streaming services,e.g. Netflix
  • Social media platforms,e.g. Facebook
  • Chatting apps,e.g. Line
  • VoIP services,e.g. Skype
  • Google services,e.g. Gmail
  • Content websites/platforms,e.g. Wikipedia
  • Games,e.g.Pokémon Go

Streaming services

IPBurger VPN gives you the freedom of gaining access to various online streams and services at blazing speeds.


Access Netflix with IPBurger VPN

Netflix offers various catalogues loaded with tons of movies and TV shows. But with georestrictions and bandwidth throttling, it can be hard to catch up with your favorite shows. Nevertheless, that’s no reason to miss your favorite shows, use IPBurger to access Netflix catalogues from anywhere.

Watch BBC iPlayer

Watch BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer lets you stream all BBC content including news, sports, shows and everything BBC has to offer. Use IPBurger to stream BBC content without a hassle.

Amazon Prime Video

Stream Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime offers on-demand movies, television shows, a vastcatalog of Amazon Studios original content and other video content that you can’t find anywhere else. To watch them freely and in high quality, all you need is IPBurger VPN.

Access YouTube videos

Access YouTube videos

IPBurger gives you the digital freedom to stream the latest HD YouTube content without any buffering issues. With its fast speeds, you won’texperience bandwidth throttling.

Watch Hulu

Watch Hulu with IPBurger VPN

Enjoy instant streaming of Hulu originals, catch up with latest episodes of various TV series, Movies and other content from Hulu. All this in HD using IPBurger VPN.

Access HBO

Access HBO

Don’t miss any HBOoriginal series, documentaries, movies and exclusive video content because of restrictions. Use IPBurger VPN and gain access to HBO GO and HBO NOW.

Use Kodi

Use Kodi with IPBurger VPN

No home entertainment streaming software beats Kodi. This open source software is compatible with almost all computing platforms. It lets you add other streaming services, watch various movies and tv shows, organize your content and even access other media. But to experience Kodi fully, use IPBurger VPN.



Showtime features movies, Showtime original shows, sports, documentaries and tons of comedy. Use IPBurger VPN to stream SHOWTIME content freely and on the go on various devices.

Watch Sling TV

Watch Sling TV with IPBurger VPN

Streaming Sling TV while using IPBurger VPN gets you the best live TV streaming experience. You get access to sports, kids’ channel, news and much morecontent.

Access Crackle

Access Crackle with a VPN

Using IPBurger, you can freely watch lots of content offered on Crackle. You get Tv shows and movies from various genres such as Action, Crime, Sci-Fi, Horror and Comedy. Additionally, you get access to uncut and unedited Hollywood movies.

Stream Zattoo

Stream Zattoo from Anywhere in the World

Zattoo provides live tv and on-demand streaming with tons of content even from international channels. Use IPBurger VPN to stream Zattoo according to your wishes.

Access Vudu

Access Vudu with IPBurger VPN

Use IPBurger VPN to watch Vudu featured movies, early access and TV shows offered in HD and 4K quality.

PlayStation Vue

Enjoy PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue takes streaming to another level. But its much better when you use IPBurger VPN as it gets you access to various channels, sports, live shows and a ton of cable tv without having a cable subscription.

Stream DAZN

Stream DAZN

If you are a fan of sports, DAZN is the right place to be. This streaming service is dedicated to sports,and it offers various live and on-demand sporting action. Use IPBurger VPN to watch your favorite football, soccer, basketball and ice hockey team on the field at the comfort of your device.

Access ESPN

Access ESPN with IPBurger VPN

More sports? Use IPBurger VPN to catch up with your favoritesports team from anywhere in the world on ESPN.


Stream Hotstar

Thison-demand streaming service is known for cricket and other sporting action such football premier leagues. Use IPBurger to access all content on Hotstar including News, movies andother TV shows.

Watch Sky Go

Watch Sky Go with a VPN

With IPBurger VPN and Sky GO, you can catch up with all sports programming, including live sports, news, movies and other entertainment content in HD.


Listen to Spotify

If you prefer audio, Spotify has vast libraries of almost all musicians. Use IPBurger VPN and listen to your favorite songs and artists from anywhere in the world.

Social media platforms

Connecting with everyone on social media platforms should be unrestricted. With IPBurger’s digital freedom, you can unblock social media sites and connect freely


unblock Facebook

Facebook is among the top blocked social media sites in lots of countries and institutions. Different methods are used to ensure that you don’t connect to other people and also not to keep in touch with friends and relatives. Use IPBurger to regain your freedom and share content on Facebook with friends and colleagues without worries.


Unblock Twitter

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms to air your views and interact with other people. It's because of this reason that it's restricted in many countries. With IPBurger VPN, you can bypass those restrictions and continue tweeting and retweeting securely without worrying about your privacy.


Unblock Tinder

Connecting with random people is what the world needs; sometimes you can even find love. Use IPBurger VPN to find your lovesafely and without restrictions.


Unblock Snapchat

Snapchat is the best way to share any favorite moment with family and friends. Use IPBurger to unblock Snapchat anywhere in the world and continue sharing good moments via photos and videos.

Chatting apps

No access to chatting apps? Use IPBurger VPN to communicate without restrictions.


Unblock WhatsApp with IPBurger VPN

Other countries also block WhatsApp,but that won’t be a problem as IPBurger is capable of breaking through their firewalls.


Unblock other chat apps

Besides WhatsApp, IPBurger is can alsounblock other chat apps such as Facebook Messenger, Line, Kakao, Viber and many more.

VoIP services

IPBurger VPN lets you talk freely and safely over the internet.


Unblock Skype with IPBurger VPN

Skype call and video services are essential when conducting business interviews, talking to business associates and even when communicating with family and friends who are far away. Due to this capability, most ISPs throttle Skype bandwidth or even worse, Skype can be completely blocked. In this case, Use IPBurger to unblock Skype and continue with video and voice calls.

VoIP apps

Unblock other VoIP apps

IPBurger also lets you unblock and use other Voice and video calls services such as Viber and Google Duo. It also ensures your privacy and security are not compromised when using these VoIP apps.

Google services

Are Google services blocked in your country? Use IPBurger VPN to unblock them.


Unblock Google instantly with IPBurger VPN

It's not uncommon that Google is blocked in some places. If you like Google and would want to access some of its services such as Gmail and Google Drive, use IPBurger VPN.

Content websites/platforms

Gain access to various websites and content platforms using IPBurger VPN.

Kindle Fire HDX

Use IPBurger your Kindle Fire HDX tablet

Besides speed, security and privacy, there is a lot of content you can browse and gain access to on your Kindle Fire when using IPBurger VPN.


Unblock Wikipedia from anywhere in the world

This online encyclopedia contains a lot of information about everything you need to know. Its also offered in major languages,and it continues to grow on a daily basis. But this free encyclopedia is not accessible from other countries and maybe restricted in some institutions. With IPBurger VPN, gaining access to Wikipedia is an easy task from any place.


Unblock Pinterest with a VPN

Pinterest is one of the best platforms for sharing ideas through boards of pictures. If there’s a restriction that’s preventing pinning of boards, use IPBurger VPN to get the excellent ideas.


Don’t let restrictions deter you from having fun and adventure. Bypass them using IPBurger VPN.


Play Pokémon Go with IPBurger VPN

There’s no adventure without catching ‘em all. And you can’tcatch‘em all if georestrictions ensure you can’t play Pokémon. Use IPBurger VPN and join the rest of the world as they continue with the adventures of Pokémon.