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IPBurger provides an all-in-one service that protects your online identity and keeps you secure while surfing the internet.

IPBurger is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Protect yourself today. See why IPBurger VPN is the VPN users trust.

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IPBurger VPN apps for your favorite devices:

IPBurger VPN apps for your favorite devices:

Download and use IPBurger VPN apps in 4 steps

Getting and setting up IPBurger VPNs apps is as follows;

Sign up

Sign up with IPBurger VPN.

subscription package

Select your subscription package.

Setup your preferred

Setup your preferred IPBurger VPN app on your device and start IPBurger VPN.


Lastly, choose a server to connect to and then enjoy IPBurger VPN.

Why IPBurger VPN software?

IPBurger VPN service offers the following in each of its apps;


Strong 256-bit encryption

IPBurger VPN uses the Advanced Encryption Standard, AES 256-bit encryption, which was adopted by the U.S. government and used worldwide. This encryption forms a secure tunnel that protects your digital identity and also ensures your online traffic is safe from cybercriminals, even when connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots.


Unlimited bandwidth

Our high-performance servers provide unlimited bandwidth for all your internet tasks. You won’t experience frustrating lagging, buffering and downlinks when streaming content.


Dedicated and Fresh IP addresses

Our VPN service specializes in providing you with brand new and exclusive access to private dedicated IP addresses. Our Fresh IP addresses are the preferred method for businesses and individuals who need a dedicated connection. (Recommended for PayPal, eBay, etsy, and Amazon users)


Top-notch customer support

Our highly trained customer support staff will help you sort out any issues with the VPN apps. We also have set up and troubleshooting guides, tutorials and FAQs to help you on the go.

Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re absolutely sure that IPBurger provides the highest quality IPs with the strictest privacy protections and fastest connections available that if you're not satisfied we will replace or provide credit for any service purchased for the term of your subscription.

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