What are Residential Proxies?

A residential proxy is an intermediary that uses an IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), not a data center. The main benefit of residential proxies is their high anonymity level and low block-rate. Residential proxies allow you to choose a specific location (country, city or ISP) and surf the web as a real-user in that area.

How do residential proxies work?

A residential proxy routes your internet traffic through an intermediary server. The proxy server assigns you an alternative IP address through which all of your server requests are channeled. There are static and rotating residential proxies. The standard is rotating residential proxy service. Alternatively you can retain an IP address (sticky) for up to 30 minutes. This is great for tasks that require using the same IP address for extended periods of time.

The IP address you get from Residential Proxies are of course residential IPs provided by Internet Providers. This gives you a much higher trust for your targeted sites and lower captcha and blocks.

People use Residential proxies for:

Residential Proxies

Bypass country restrictions and website blocks. Forget about the limit of actions made from one IP. Filter residential IPs by country, city or ISP – this guarantees residential proxies meet the most diverse business requirements.

  • 1. Ad verification

    In the age of ad fraud, an increasing amount of advertisers’ money is wasted on ad impressions that appear on fraudulent sites, don’t reach the desired audience, or are not properly displayed in the user’s browser. Ad verification is a process which allows advertisers to check if their ads are displayed in the right context, on the right websites. Residential Proxies are commonly used for Ad Verification because it allows the user to scrape accurate data from advertisements while browsing as a real user device.

  • 2. Web scraping

    The web is full of invaluable data. Stock prices, product details, sports stats, company contacts, email addresses, you name it. Web scraping is one of the most popular use cases for Residential Proxies because it supports mass scraping by allowing you to continuously rotate IPs. If you want to do large scale scraping on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms, residential proxies are the best.

  • 3. Market Price Monitoring

    In competitive product categories such as electronics and fashion, charging prices higher than the competition can hurt sales. Rotating Residential Proxies allow businesses to scrape data in mass from competitors to give you instant market price updates. This helps businesses always maintain up-to-date competitive pricing against all competitors simultaneously. With residential proxies, you will be able to leverage sales intelligence tools to give you timely market price updates.

  • 4. Accessing ticket sites

    Ticket resale has become a big business in recent years. Music tours are often sold out within minutes of being announced. But it’s not always due to consumer demand. A large portion of ticket sales are by automated software (bots) to purchase and resell. These bots use Residential Proxies to avoid detection and complete the purchase without being blocked.

  • 5. Digital Advertising

    Make use of ads automation, social media campaigns, and email automation to improve your market reach. Residential Proxies allow advertisers and business owners to gain an inside look at competitors pricing, and protect digital assets. Residential Proxies are frequently used to pull data from competitors advertising campaigns to see what marketing creatives are working. Others use Residential Proxies separate advertising accounts in case of a block or ban.

  • 6. SEO content compliance

    Residential proxies support different SEO tools. The platform supports a whole lot of tools besides Scrapebox and Xrumer. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes up one of the most popular use cases for Residential Proxies. The better a website’s SEO, the higher that website will rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This results in more traffic, more leads and more sales. With the right tools, the residential proxy platform allows you to create meaningful links for your website to flourish. You also get to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of previous links. There are different audit and crawling tools you can use for such tasks allowing you to optimize your site to improve its performance.

  • 7. Social media management

    There’s no second-guessing the power of social media in modern web marketing. With residential proxies, it is now possible to create multiple social media accounts and manage them seamlessly. Avoid Bans & Blocks. Every time you log into a social media network or other online service, the IP address connected to your device is saved. If your account is suspended or banned, most likely so is your IP address. This means, making new accounts from the same device is almost impossible. By using the IP address of a real users device with a Residential Proxy, you can protect your security and ensure business continuity.

  • 8. Manage Accounts & Profiles

    Managing multiple accounts on the same platform can be risky. Clients in the e-commerce, social media management and advertising space know this all too well. Opening multiple profiles from the same browser and IP address is often frowned upon and can lead to a suspension of your accounts. Residential IPs are used to create and manage multiple accounts seamlessly.

What is a Residential Proxy: FAQ

A residential proxy is an intermediary that uses an IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), not a data center. The main benefit of residential proxies is their high anonymity level and low block-rate. Residential proxies allow you to choose a specific location (country, city, or a mobile carrier) and surf the web as a real-user in that area.

Yes, our easy to use location selector allows you to quickly choose country, state and city location.

You can choose to have a rotating IP (which gives you a new IP address for every connection request) or keep the same IP for up to 30 minutes (sticky). This is controlled in your client dashboard.

We provide rotating residential proxies. Optionally you can enable sticky IPs. This means you can keep the same IP for up to 30 minutes.


We do not provide static residential IPs.

You receive full access to our entire network of 60+ million IPs. You are only limited by your traffic utilization.


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