Types of Proxies

An internet proxy is an intermediary between any client and a connecting server. There are many types of proxies which we cover on this page.

Proxies can mediate connections in multiple ways and affect only certain parts of the connection. There are also various types of hardware and software that configure these proxies, each creating a unique type of proxy.

11 1 Types Of Proxies

What's the Difference Between VPN & Proxy?

Types of Proxies

1.1 1 Types Of Proxies

Dedicated Proxies

A Dedicated IP address is one that does not change. It is reserved for one user at a time and It is not shared with anyone else. Dedicated IPs in most cases are hosted in a data-center and can be used for anything from: streaming, traveling, gaming, eCommerce store management, social media management, SEO and more. Learn more about our Exclusive proxies.

6.1 Types Of Proxies

Fresh Proxies

Fresh IPs are the highest quality data-center Dedicated IPs. These IPs do not change and are reserved for one user at a time. On top of that, they are “Fresh”, meaning first time usage. Fresh IPs are held in a 180 day cool-down period before being sold to any customer. Fresh IPs are highly desirable among users that stream content, travel, manage eCommerce stores, manage social media accounts or anyone that needs ultra fast, high quality dedicated IPs. Learn more about our Fresh proxies.