Protect yourself against these mobile security threats

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Billions of users worldwide rely on smartphones to performs various tasks. Many of the tasks include using internet services. This also means that millions of users may be vulnerable to cyber-attacks since cybercriminals have utilized the smartphone population to propagate various attacks. Every year, the number of mobile threats (malware) keep increasing.

Besides malware, cybercriminals can also hack into your other devices and other accounts if they hack into your phone. In this article, we’ll look at major mobile threats and ways of protecting yourself against them.

Spyware Protect Yourself Against These Mobile Security ThreatsAdware, grayware and spyware

Apart from majoring on the desktops, adware has also invaded smartphones, and they can be annoying as well as intrusive. Adware collects your data without your knowledge and uses it to bombard you with retargeting ads. The adware usually works in conjunction with spyware and grayware. Although grayware is on the lower scale of threats, spyware, however, pose a great threat to your privacy and security. Spyware apps collect any information from your phone including SMS, call logs and records, your gallery, use your mic and camera, access location services and even use your internet without your knowledge.

Phishing Protect Yourself Against These Mobile Security ThreatsPhishing