Tips on how to protect yourself against cybercrime

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The open internet has many dangers lurking and waiting for unsuspecting users. Internet threats and crimes continue to plague unprepared users and even those who are prepared. With the advancements in technology such as AI, neural networks and the emergence of 5G, cybercrime continues to evolve too. The best way to protect yourself is by quitting the internet, but then again you won’t carry out your tasks effectively.

The best thing is to know how to identify cybercrime and then take various precautions to protect your data and information.

What is cybercrime?

In a nutshell, cybercrime is any crime that occurs online and usually involves computers, networks, data, and information; it can range from security/privacy breaches to blackmail. Below are various tips on how you can protect yourself against cybercrime;

Strong Password Authentication Tips On How To Protect Yourself Against CybercrimeUse strong, unique passwords/2FA

Passwords are like guardians to our various accounts, the stronger and unique a password is, the harder it is for someone to brute force/break into your account. As a rule of thumb, the longer the unique password, usually 12 characters, the better. Also, don’t use the same passwords for all your accounts. Better yet, you can use a password management utility to help you manage your passwords. These utilities can create, store and perform other password management tasks. Alternatively, you can use passwordless logins for your apps.

After setting up a unique strong password, the next step is to implement 2-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA verifies your identity when you login into your accounts.

Update Devices Tips On How To Protect Yourself Against CybercrimeUpdate your devices regularly

Most security breaches occur due to an exploited vulnerability usually in the operating system, to be safe at all times, ensure you update your devices every time an update is rolled out. These updates contain security patches and fixes for various vulnerabilities. Also, keep yourself up to date with the current news on major security breaches. This ensures you take the necessary precaution and you won’t fall victim of cybercrime.


Protect yourself against identity theft

Identity theft involves cybercriminals wrongfully obtaining your personal information through fraudulent ways usually involving deception. This can occur intentionally or unintentionally. Cybercriminals usually obtain this information through phishing scams in which unsuspecting users are tricked into giving their personal information. At times, you might give your personal information to cybercrimes unintentionally. This happens through social media. The information you post can be used to profile you and cybercriminals can gather all the information they want about you. This information is then used to carry out other crimes such as blackmail and financial fraud.

Talk To Kids About Internet Safety Tips On How To Protect Yourself Against CybercrimeTalk to your kids about internet safety

If hackers can’t get through you, they will use vulnerable people around you, and most of the time it will be your kids. Teach your kids about internet safety and make them cyber-aware. This means they will know what information to share and what information not to share online and what services they should use.

Besides making them cyber-aware, also keep an eye on your kids. Despite this being a violation on their privacy, its for a greater good as you will be able to protect them from various forms of cyber attacks such as identity fraud, phishing, and even cyber-bullying. Also, it is a good idea to implement some parental control on what resources your kids can have access to when on the internet.

Use internet security software

An antivirus or antimalware software is essential in protecting yourself against cybercrime. They provide real-time protection against various malware such as viruses, worm, and even ransomware. Also, remember to update them once an update is available regularly. Use the automatic update setting for full-time protection.

Ipburger 1 Tips On How To Protect Yourself Against CybercrimeUse a VPN – IPBurger VPN

A virtual private network is an ultimate tool to protect your internet connection. When implemented well, you can protect your home network, all your devices, and you won’t be worried when you accidentally access public Wi-Fi.

A VPN such as IPBurger uses strong encryptions to encrypt your internet traffic. This traffic is further tunneled through a secure tunnel via the VPN servers until it reaches its destination. These encryptions ensure no prying eyes will have access to your data, even the government.

Also, IPBurger VPN servers assign you a virtual IP address which hides your actual IP address. This further, masks your real location and hence you achieve anonymity and other benefits such as bypassing geo-restrictions and censorships.

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