Major Phishing Scams and How to Protect Yourself Against Them

Phishing is a subset of a social engineering attack that has been wreaking havoc since the ’80s. Phishing can be done in many forms, but the end goal is the same – users are tricked into giving out sensitive information by fraudulent actors who masquerade as being legitimate. Many methods are used by these fraudulent …

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A VPN for Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is now the best-preferred mode for financial exchanges over the internet. Despite various hurdles such as fluctuations, cryptocurrency provides the most secure means of exchange as it involves several encryptions. Most people like cryptocurrency because it’s anonymous since it’s decentralized (meaning no central bank controls your funds) and you can transact from one user …

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Avoiding social engineering attacks

The internet has experienced a lot of breaches since its inception, and almost all of them can be attributed to one vulnerability, human error. That’s right; we are a vulnerability waiting to be exploited. Cybercriminals exploit this vulnerability using only one attack; Social engineering. This technique involves manipulations based on trust to trick and fool …

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