How To Select The Best VPN – 10 Features & Details You Need To Consider

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Are you using a VPN or are you looking to get one? If so, you will agree that it is a difficult situation when we get stuck between multiple VPN providers. In this post, we will discuss various points to be taken care of while selecting the VPN and at the end of the post, you will identify the best VPN.

Global Web Index reports that 56% of respondents around the world feel that the internet destroys their privacy and the right to be free. That’s why 415 million people, or 28% of the global online population, turn to a VPN service.  Do all of them get the best VPN provider in the first go? Nope! Not at all.

Before starting the points to observe, let’s discuss the mistakes that people usually do while selecting a VPN provider. Things people focus on:

  1. Which is the cheapest or free?
  2. Which one has the most servers, 1000, 2000 or 5000?
  3. Which VPN is on the TOP of Google and other comparison sites?
  4. Which has the most features available?

Well, these are not the right parameters to select the best VPN provider for your needs. These points seem to be good at a first glance, but with them, you will surely take a wrong decision. So, now a question may pop-up ‘Then what are the right parameters?’

Let’s discuss them:

Parameters To Select The Best VPN

1. Figure Out Your Need Of VPN.

This is the first parameter to select the Best VPN! You need to figure out what is your need for the VPN. Is it for business purpose? Is it for managing your eBay and PayPal accounts or you need to unblock a few websites?

Depending on your requirement you will need to select a VPN. To ensure, you get the best out of the VPN you purchase; it is highly recommended that you inquire regarding your requirements to their customer support department. Once, you figure out your needs, let’s see some technical aspects.

2. What Protocols Do They Support?

Usually, a good VPN works on two significant protocols:

  1. OpenVPN
  2. TCP

You need to see if the VPN provider provides both these protocols. OpenVPN works for most of the purposes, but sometimes an ISP blocks this protocol in this situation, you may need to use a TCP or a Scrambled TCP profile.

3. How Many Servers Do They Have & Where?

People misunderstand this point and see overall servers across the globe. You need to check if they have servers in the country you need a VPN. Thousands of servers is not a symbol of excellent service, but a few servers that are enough for their customers in that region is a sign of excellent service.

4. How Many Concurrent Connections Are Allowed?

There could be some requirements where you may need to use the same IP on multiple devices simultaneously. For example, you and your VA, both together are working on your eBay account.

Ideally, you should get at least three concurrent connections.

5. Do They Limit Bandwidth OR Data Usage?

This is a crucial point to select a VPN provider. They should not be restricting any bandwidth access. Lot of VPN providers they give a specific service free of cost and to increase the bandwidth or data usage, they may ask you for some payment. You need to assure either they do not have such restrictions (a better option), or you get enough bandwidth or data usage for your purpose.

6. Do They Keep Logs?

Well, VPN is for online security and privacy. So, ideally, they should not be keeping any logs of your traffic and usage.

7. Do They Have A Kill Switch?

We very well know how flaky the internet is sometimes, and in such cases, the VPN might keep disconnecting/reconnecting. When it happens, you might connect with the internet with your real IP address. Learn more about IP leaks and how to check them.

To avoid such risks of IP leaks, killswitch is necessary. A killswitch blocks you from accessing the internet temporarily if you accidentally get disconnected from the VPN. Read how to setup a kill switch.

8. How Is Their Customer Support?

This is again a crucial parameter to be taken care of. You need the best customer support for any of the VPN services you purchase. VPNs are very obfuscated things; you may need to contact their technical support time and again or maybe their accounts department for billing queries, etc. So, they need to be very prompt and be capable of giving a solution to your question within a day.

9. Do They Support Usage on Mobiles & Tablets?

Whatever your use may be, but you will need to use VPN on your mobiles and tablets. You need to check with their customer support if they provide their VPNs on such devices.

10. How Easy Is It To Setup The VPN?

The parameter that comes last is how easy is it to setup the VPN. Well, this is last because you don’t need to do it time and again, it has to be done initially and on the go, only if you reset your computer. Check, if they have a proper step-by-step guide with screenshots to help you setup the VPN.

Before you purchase a VPN, it is necessary to check these 10 parameters. Evaluating a VPN provider based on these parameters, can assure you the Best VPN for your needs.

Concluding this post, IPBurger fits best in all these 10 parameters, and thus, it stands to be one of the best VPNs for your use. Reach out to our customer support for any queries or discounts for multiple services.

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