Is Incognito Mode Really Private? What you Need to Know

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Incognito mode is a handy privacy feature, but it doesn’t give you total privacy against all prying eyes. Mostly, it helps you achieve some form anonymity especially when it also activates the ‘Do Not Track’ feature. When surfing the internet in this mode, the next person who uses the same browser won’t know what you were up to. This is because incognito mode deletes your browsing session. It also prevents the following;

No Tracking By Cookies Is Incognito Mode Really Private? What You Need To KnowNo Tracking by cookies

Cookies ensure you have a smooth browsing experience and they are convenient since they can keep you logged in for some time. However, other websites use cookies for malicious purposes; they can be used to track your browsing behavior. This information can then be used to profile you and then you might notice certain types of ads appear on every webpage you open. Incognito mode doesn’t allow your browser to store cookies and hence your browsing behavior won’t be tracked.

In a nutshell, this all incognito mode does, and as far as privacy is concerned, Incognito isn’t really private.

Incognito Mode Misconceptions Is Incognito Mode Really Private? What You Need To KnowDebunked Incognito mode misconceptions

  • Your ISP won’t see your online activities

In Incognito mode, you are only private locally (in your browser). Your ISP and other prying eyes such as cybercriminals will still see what you have been doing online. They rely on your internet traffic which is sent via your IP address.


  • You are protected against viruses and malware

Incognito mode doesn’t protect you against various online threats such as malware. You can also be a victim of threats such as phishing and spoofing. Reputable antivirus/malware and being cyber-aware will help you against these online threats.

  • No browser fingerprinting

Incognito mode may help minimize browser fingerprinting, but still, your browser will give out fully or partially identifying information such as your system type, screen resolution, time zone, active plugins and other more information on your browser.

  • Your location will be private

Incognito mode doesn’t keep your location private as it does not hide your IP address. Geo-location services use your IP address to determine your location. The only way to keep your location private is by masking your IP address and replacing it with another one (e.g. by using a VPN).

Ipburger 1 Is Incognito Mode Really Private? What You Need To KnowUse IPBurger VPN to protect your privacy

The best way to protect your privacy and browse anonymously is by using a VPN. IPBurger VPN gives you ultimate security and privacy by encrypting your internet traffic using one of the strongest and unbreakable encrypting standards – AES 256 bit. Your internet traffic is then tunneled through our secure servers till it reaches its destination. This encryption protects your internet traffic against prying eyes such as your ISP, cybercriminals and the government.

Also, IPBurger VPN assigns you a virtual IP address which masks your actual IP address. This hides your real IP address, and also your actual location won’t be revealed. This is how you achieve privacy.