How Your IP Address can Save (or Kill) Your Amazon or Facebook Business

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Amazon Sellers, Facebook Ad Buyers, and online advertisers, in general, are at serious risk to have their accounts banned when accessing from an unsafe location. VPN services are exploding in popularity and unfortunately, the quality of IPs used by providers is decreasing.

“Your Amazon Seller account has been permanently deactivated. Your listings have been removed from our site.”

A majority of VPN service providers use recycled, highly abused and flagged IPs that if used in conjunction with your online accounts (Amazon sellers, Facebook Ad buyers), you risk an account suspension. Accessing your account from unknown locations, out of state or country can also cause a suspension to your account.

Why a Fresh VPN? A Fresh VPN is a dedicated VPN. That’s, it offers a dedicated IP address which is exclusive to users but also it goes through extensive quality testing.

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Fresh VPNs are tested against blacklist websites and are never sold fresh again once used. They are the highest quality IPs you can purchase for your Amazon and Facebook business accounts.

Why do Amazon and Facebook ban accounts?

There are a lot of reasons but some of the easiest to prevent include using a high-quality IP address.

1. Using a poor quality abused VPN

Amazon and Facebook have a whitelisting system that keeps track of the IP you use when accessing their services. If this IP address is flagged in their system, your account could be suspended. If you connect to your account with an abused IP (widely used shared VPN services), this puts your account at risk for suspension. This is both the case for Amazon sellers and Facebook ad buyers.

2. Connecting from an unknown location

In conjunction with avoiding being blocked, a dedicated IP address allows you to remotely access your business account and conduct businesses while you are away. For instance, if your Amazon seller account is US based and you have traveled to let’s say France, when you access the internet through the local ISP you will be assigned a France IP address. If you use this IP address to log into your account, you might be suspended. But with a Fresh VPN, you access your accounts with the dedicated IP address provided, and it will seem like you never left the US.

3. Using public Wi-Fi freely

Public Wi-Fi is unsecured and has many vulnerabilities and threats. For online businesses, it’s even worse as it can lead to a suspension or even a ban. When accessing free public Wi-Fi for business purposes on these platforms, chances are, another Amazon seller or Facebook Business Manager might have abused the service and now the IP is flagged. These platforms will assume that you are the same person your account will be suspended.

When using a Fresh VPN on public Wi-Fi, your internet traffic will be secured by the VPN’s encryption and then tunneled through the dedicated IP address, and your account won’t be safe.

4. What about General-purpose VPNs?

Although they are suitable for other online tasks, you should avoid these VPNs at all cost when accessing your online business platforms. These VPNs use shared IP addresses – hundreds of users are assigned the same IP address. If you use these VPNs for instance with your Amazon seller account, and it happens that other sellers were assigned the same IP addresses, Amazon may flag the IP as risky and suspend your account.

IPBurger Fresh VPN

At IPBurger, we understand how essential your business is, and that’s why we offer the best in class VPN service. With our Fresh and Dedicated IP addresses, you don’t have to worry about suspensions and bans of your online business. Moreover, our dedicated Fresh IPs are customized only for your use, and cannot be shared by any other use whatsoever.

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