8 Best Proxy Testers: Check Your Proxy for Free

There’s a lot of debate about which proxy testers are the best. Some swear by one tool, while others find another more reliable. There’s no one “best” proxy tester. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best proxy testers on the market.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is a server that acts as an intermediary between a client and another server. A proxy can allow a client to access a server that would otherwise be inaccessible or improve performance by caching or filtering requests.

What are proxy testers?

Proxy testers are tools that help determine whether a proxy server is working correctly. It can also test the proxy server’s speed and check if the server can connect to the internet. It does this by connecting to the proxy server and sending requests for information from the server. Proxy testers then check to see if the information is what it’s supposed to be. If it’s not, then the proxy server is not working correctly.

Why check proxies before using them?

There are many reasons to test your proxies before using them. Here are some of the most important ones:

1. Ensure they are working properly and are not being blocked by your target website.

2. To ensure that your proxies are not being detected and blocked by anti-proxy software.

3. Test the speed of your proxies and make sure they are fast enough for your needs.

4. Check if your proxies are anonymous and not revealing your real IP address.

5. Ensure the target website does not already blacklist your proxies.

How do you test proxies?

To test a proxy, you must send requests to the proxy server and then analyze the responses. You can use a tool like Fiddler or Charles to capture the requests and responses.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when testing a proxy:

1. Check the proxy’s IP address and port number.

2. Make sure the proxy is working by visiting a few websites.

3. Check the proxy’s speed by visiting a website that loads slowly.

4. Check the proxy’s anonymity by visiting a website that tracks IP addresses.

The following tools in this article include the best proxy testers available in 2022. 

The proxy testers in 2022.

ProxyScrape is a fast and reliable proxy testing tool that allows you to check a list of proxies’ speed, anonymity, and status. It is simple to use, and you can run it from any computer with an internet connection. ProxyScrape is a great tool for testing proxies before using them for online activities such as web browsing, online gaming, or accessing sensitive information.

  • List of free proxies, web proxies, and paid premium proxies. 
  • Supports HTTP, and HTTPS

FOGLDN Proxy Tester is a tool to test proxies. It is designed to help you check if a proxy is working and to find out if it is an anonymous proxy.

Some benefits of using the FOGLDN Proxy Tester to test proxies include:

  • Ensures that proxies are working as intended
  • Helps identify any potential issues with proxies
  • Provides valuable insights into the performance of proxies
  • Test the rotating proxies that keep changing their IP addresses
  • Check more proxies at the same time

Unfx Proxy Checker is a simple and powerful proxy checking tool that allows you to check any HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCKS proxy. It is designed to work with any web browser and is very easy to use. Simply enter the proxy address and port number, and the tool will test the proxy and provide you with a report.

  • Checks the proxy for maximum usability, functionality, and UX/UI design
  • Real-time database for proxy availability
  • Sort and filter by IP address, port number, protocols, and other parameters
  • Test proxies to see if they are working correctly.
  • See if a proxy is anonymous or not.
  • Test to see if a proxy is fast or slow.

Hidemyname.me is a free online proxy checker that allows you to test the speed and anonymity of proxies.

  • Provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for checking proxies.
  • Supports both HTTP and HTTPS proxies.
  • Test proxies from different locations around the world.
  • Provides detailed information about each proxy, including its speed, anonymity, and country of origin.

MyProxyChecker is a powerful proxy testing tool that allows you to check the status of multiple proxies at once. It can test HTTP and SOCKS proxies and provides various features and options to make proxy testing easy and convenient. MyProxyChecker also allows you to check the speed of each proxy so that you can choose the fastest ones for your needs.

  • Get the location, speed, type, and anonymity level from the test
  • Download tests to TXT or CSV files
  • Upgrades for more tools 

Checkjerproxy is a free online proxy checker that allows you to test any proxy server’s speed, anonymity, and status. Checkjerproxy provides detailed information on each proxy server, including country, city, and IP address. Checkjerproxy is a quick and easy way to check whether a proxy server is working and to test the speed and anonymity of a proxy server.

  • Test both HTTP and SOCKS proxies 
  • Provides a detailed report for each tested proxy, including the response time, anonymity level, and status code 
  • Available in both English and Russian

Portcheckers is a powerful online tool that can help you test the speed and reliability of your proxies. It can also help you check if your proxies are working correctly and compatible with your web browser and operating system.

  • Tests the speed of the proxy
  • Tells you the anonymity level of the proxy
  • Shows you the location of the proxy server
  • Lets you know if the proxy supports HTTPS

Proxy6 is a powerful proxy testing tool that allows you to easily test proxies and determine their speed, anonymity, and reliability. With Proxy6, you can:

  • Test proxies for speed, anonymity, and reliability
  • Easily find new proxies
  • Get detailed proxy information
  • Manage your proxy list
  • And much more!

Proxies you don’t need to check.

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