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IPBurger offers the best VPN service which allows you to hide your IP when browsing online. By connecting your device through IPBurger VPN servers, you automatically hide your IP. Thus, IPBurger protects your online activities from prying eyes, and cyber attackers as well.

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How can I Hide My IP?

To hide your IP first, you will need an excellent VPN service that can mask your actual IP with the one automatically issued by the VPN server you’ve connected to. Follow this hide my IP procedure to hide your IP in minutes:

Step 1:


Register with IPBurger service, to choose your ideal VPN package.

Step 2:


Download and install the VPN client on your preferred device

Step 3:


Now launch the IPBurger VPN client, and select a server location close to your actual location – for faster speeds.

Step 4:


Now you can browse anonymously since your IP is hidden.

Why should I Hide My IP?

Hiding your IP address is essential if you want to send and receive data over the internet anonymously. With ISPs, governments, intelligence agencies, as well as cyber attackers continually monitoring your online activities, your privacy when surfing is no longer assured. These prying eyes can throttle your internet speeds, view your logs, and get to your personal information – endangering your online safety. But all this can change once you connect to a good VPN service

However, once you hide your IP, you will enjoy;

  • Seamless and unthrottled internet speeds
  • Anonymously browse via an encrypted tunnel
  • Experience uninterrupted content streaming
  • Send and receive data online privately in a secure tunnel

Which device should I use when hiding my IP?

IPBurger supports all device platforms – this means you can hide your IP on any of these platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • MacOS.
  • Linux
  • Windows
I use when hiding

Why IPBurger is the best VPN to Hide My IP

IPBurger uses next-gen encryption systems on all its widely distributed servers globally to hide your IP. We use secure protocols to ensure all your browsing is done via a secure encrypted tunnel. We regularly put in our effort and resources to ensure all your online activities remain anonymous.

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