Why you shouldn’t use cracked accounts

You might have heard about this acronym, TANSTAAFL. It stands for a 1930s phrase which goes, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” This phrase means it’s impossible to get something for nothing. In this digital era, it means you can’t get digital services for free even if they are advertised as free. Most of these services trade your data for funds, and that is a big risk to take.

Besides free services, there’s a more dangerous way of getting paid services for free; using cracked accounts. Well, you pay a small amount of money – compared to what the paid service goes for, it can be termed as free. But in the long run, you will realize its quite expensive and also it comes with many risks.

Cracked accounts/cracks are dangerous

Cracks are usually made by altering some system files by using keygens or even deleting some important files. This alteration causes software to lose its integrity and security. This makes it easy for hackers and crackers to insert various malware designed to do their bidding. For instance, you might download cracked software, but you will also be downloading adware, root access virus, random software, and other malware. At the end of the day, you will be causing more damage to your machine, and you might end up even paying more in case you’re blackmailed, or some malware decides to encrypt your files and demands ransom.

Cracked accounts are stolen accounts

Most of the cracked accounts are usually stolen accounts. Most of them look legit because they are real accounts. Hackers usually get these accounts by exploiting a weak password used by owners. This can happen through a website breach especially for those individuals who use the same passwords for all their accounts. For instance, you can get a premium cracked VPN account with all features unrestricted for a small amount of fee. Hackers even go ahead and specify the subscription plans you are getting.

But before anything else, you are usually told not to change the password or username of the account. There’s a reason behind this warning, and you are about to find out.

No guarantee on cracked accounts

One common thing about cracked accounts is how long they last. A hacker may promise a full year, but the next day the account won’t be working. This is because the owner of the account might change the password and you will be locked out. At times, you may change the password ignoring the hacker’s warning. Doing this will lock out the legitimate owner who will, in turn, complain and have the account reset with another password of which you won’t have access to. This means you won’t access the service you paid the hacker for.

Cracked accounts are congested

Cracked accounts may not work at times, and the hacker may tell you to continue trying at the time of sale. This is because the same account has been sold to lots of other people. As you might have noticed, premium service accounts such as Netflix and VPNs have a limit on the number of devices one connects. Once the limit is reached, the next person will have to wait until a device is disconnected. But once again, if the legitimate owner gets locked out, he/she will make a complaint and a reset will be made. Hence your purchase will be rendered useless.

To avoid all the above, pay for the premium content. At IPBurger, we offer friendly prices for our VPN packages. Each package ensures your traffic will be protected and you will enjoy the freedom of being safe and private while surfing online.

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If you have a 1 year guarantee you will get a new account if the account gets blocked.