Why you should make your social media private

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It’s simple; privacy. Privacy is everything when you are online especially on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Privacy also encapsulates what you share and who is allowed to view it. Here is why your social media privacy should worry you if you haven’t achieved it;

Social media privacy concerns

These are risks, online threats and even security vulnerabilities which can impact you if your social media activities are not private. They include;

Tracking and third-party risks

Most websites you visit contain cookies. As much as they are helpful, other cookies can be very dangerous especially those with tracking capabilities. These cookies will crawl to every website you visit and gather data about your online behavior. Other websites especially social media platforms literally track your every move. That’s why you might like a post about a sound system, and for the following weeks, you will see sound systems in all web pages you visit. Most of this tracking data is sold to third party companies and also to advertising services which in turn bombard you with intrusive ads even regarding things that don’t interest you.

Cyberstalking Why You Should Make Your Social Media PrivateCyberstalking and profiling

We all know the dangers of traditional stalking, when it comes to cyberstalking, the dangers double up. Cyberstalking cuts across all edges, and it even affects accompanies. Cyberstalking results to spamming, the spread of propaganda and fake news, identity fraud, online harassment, threats, and even blackmail. Social media makes it easy for cyber stalkers as the platforms are a jackpot for information. In fact, you can learn about a person by going through their online presence. It’s even worse that many individuals still use geotagging and post sensitive information online.

How to make your social media private

Even though you can’t achieve anonymity in social media, that’s why its social, you can ensure that your platforms are secure and they don’t pose a privacy and security risk. You can do this by;

Using Strong and unique Passwords

We’ll continue to emphasize how important strong passwords are when it is about online privacy and security. Strong, unique passwords lessen the chances of your account being hacked. Usually, the dilemma of cramming many strong, unique passwords make individuals to use the same password. This is a bad practice as it puts all your accounts at risk if one is hacked. Instead, use a password manager. This utility can create, store and help you manage your password securely.

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

After setting a strong and unique password, the next thing is to ensure that it’s you who is logging into your account. This is done via verification and authentication. The best way to do this is via 2FA. When set, whenever you want to log in to your account, you must first confirm your identity, for instance via an OTP code that’s is sent to your device. If by any chance a cybercriminal gets your password, they can’t get into your accounts as they will need a verification code which will be sent to you instead.

Internet Privacy Why You Should Make Your Social Media PrivateCheck social media privacy settings

The next thing is to set the correct privacy setting for the social media platform you are using. They are many options that you can use to limit who is viewing your content. There’s even a setting that allows only you to view your content. Also use geotags wisely and when necessary. Be careful with who tag in your posts. They may not be cybersecurity aware.

Revoke Access to Third-parties

Social media is very convenient in that other websites to allow you to use your favorite social media platforms to sign in. This is also a huge inconvenience since you will be handing over your social media data to someone else. Most of these sites request to view your followers, likes, date of birth and other things which are not necessary for signing up. All they do is steal your data with the consent and use it for purposes they deem best. Avoid signing up in websites using social media platforms.

Ipburger Why You Should Make Your Social Media PrivateUse a VPN; IPBurger

Securing your social media account also depends on how secure your connection is. Using IPBurger VPN, your social media traffic will be secure since it will be encrypted and tunneled through secure servers. You can use your social media accounts without fear even in public Wi-Fi hotspots as long as you’re connected to IPBurger VPN. Also, you get to gain access to restricted online content, how cool is that!


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