Why security of Internet of Things (IoT) is a priority

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Smart devices, which collectively make up the Internet of Things have been found several times to lack the recommended mechanisms that implement security and safeguard user’s privacy. It’s even worse since most consumers don’t know what they are dealing with when it comes to smart technology. In a survey conducted in 2018, more than 50% of smart tech consumers are unconcerned about privacy issues posed by smart devices.

Why Security Of Internet Of Things Iot Is A Priority Why Security Of Internet Of Things (Iot) Is A Priority

Additionally, most manufacturers are also unconcerned about security and privacy issues as they rush for profit. Most consumers also rush for devices that fit their budget without considering other factors such as security and privacy.

Cybercriminals, on the other hand, are exploiting this lack of cyber-awareness on smart devices. IoTs form a large percentage of data breaches and here is why their security is a priority;

  • Botnets menace

Smart devices perform some task-oriented processing, and some connect to the internet. And anything with a processor can be hacked while anything that connects to the internet can be compromised. This puts smart devices in a vulnerable spot since most of them lack proper security mechanisms. With the rise of sophisticated malware, cybercriminals are making a large network of botnets from powerful internet of things. Botnets can be used maliciously to propagate DDoS attacks and other malicious activities such as crypto-jacking.

The lack of recommended security levels has made IoTs a primary target for malicious actors than other internet devices. And they make good candidates for collecting data, spying and launching attacks; even your smart coffee maker can be used to brew an attack.

  • The interconnection of data

Smart devices are connected with other smart devices and other devices in the network in various forms. For instance, one smart device can be used to control how other smart devices work. This means