Why Expatriates need a VPN

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Relocating to abroad countries either for studies, a job or even for a permanent stay can be an exciting experience. You get to know and interact with new people, learn from new experiences, and of course – you get to understand their way of life. Often, it means adjusting accordingly without any problems until you realize there are some things you are not allowed to do or even access. You might even be surprised that some services are not available in that country due to restrictions imposed by the government. If you are facing such challenges, then here’s why you need a VPN;

Geo Restrict Why Expatriates Need A VpnGain access to geo-restricted content

You may notice that some online services may not be available in your new country. For instance, if you moved from the UK, you may not access online BBC channels anymore since BBC iPlayer is geo-restricted to the UK. Also, online video services such as Netflix have different catalogues for different countries. US Netflix has a vast catalogue, and if you moved from the US, the chances are that the Netflix doesn’t air your favourite show in the country you are residing.

To catch up on your favourite shows and various online content, you will need a VPN with servers located in your home country. Let’s say if you want to watch BBC iPlayer, you will connect to a UK server. The VPN will assign you a UK IP address, and BBC will think you are accessing their services from the UK.

Access blocked websites

There are countries which have internet censorships, and you are only allowed to access what the government watchdogs deem best for you. In such countries, expats have a hard time accessing their favourite websites and even communicate with friends and family back home. In such restrictive countries, a reputable VPN can get you past the watchdogs and hence you will reclaim your digital freedom. A VPN makes this possible by changing your IP address and also obfuscating your internet traffic thus making it appear like normal traffic.

Privacy 1 Why Expatriates Need A VpnPrivacy and security

Some countries have enacted laws that allow government institutions to track, monitor and spy on foreigners. Being an expatriate, your online privacy and security will be at risk in these countries but not when you are using a VPN. Apart from changing your IP address, a VPN uses strong encryption mechanisms and secure tunnels when moving your internet traffic across the web. This ensures prying eyes have nothing to see. Even if they manage to intercept your traffic, it will be of no use.

A VPN will also provide the required security levels when you are connected to various public WIFI hotspots that may be unsecured.

Find cheaper online deals

The online commercial sector offers different prices depending on the location and purchasing power of the population. For instance, the flight industry offers more affordable ticket prices in some locations while in other locations you might find the same ticket pricey. Since a VPN can ‘teleport you’ to any place on the globe by simply changing your IP, you can enjoy these online deals and save a lot.

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