Watch Olympic Games Without Cable – Thanks to VPNs

Of all sporting events that planet Earth has to offer, none of them can match the popularity, passion, and interest that the Olympics gather every four years, two if we count the Winter competitions.

Athletes from more than 200 nations compete with all that they have for the right to be called Olympic champions. If they can’t, usually a place in the podium (which would mean silver or a bronze medal) is a nice consolation prize.

The origins of the Olympic Games go way back to the 19th century, specifically in 1896, in Athens, Greece. After that, 27 competitions have since then followed suit. All with its own entire collection of memories, triumphs, success, and failure.

The games evolved from 250 male competitors in 42 events in 1896 to more than 11,000 (spread nearly evenly between men and women) athletes in 306 events in Rio 2016. Naturally, the event garners lots of TV interest, and people want to enjoy it with or without cable.

Olympic sports

Sport                                                                 Years

Archery                                              1900–1908, 1920, since 1972

Athletics                                            All

Badminton                                        Since 1992

Baseball                                             1992–2008, 2020

Basketball                                         Since 1936

Basque pelota                                  1900

Boxing                                                1904, 1908, since 1920

Canoeing and kayaking                  Since 1936

Cricket                                               1900

Sports climbing                               2020

Croquet                                             1900

Cycling                                               All

Diving                                                 Since 1904

Equestrian                                         1900, since 1912

Fencing                                              All

Field hockey                                     1908, 1920, since 1928

Football                                             1900–1928, since 1936

Golf                                                    1900, 1904, since 2016

Gymnastics                                       All

Handball                                            1936, since 1972

Jeu de paume                                   1908

Judo                                                    1964, since 1972

Karate                                                2020

Lacrosse                                            1904, 1908

Modern pentathlon                        Since 1912

Polo                                                    1900, 1908, 1920, 1924, 1936

Rackets                                              1908

Rhythmic gymnastics                     Since 1984

Roque                                                1904

Rowing                                              Since 1900

Rugby union                                     1900, 1908, 1920, 1924

Rugby sevens                                   Since 2016

Sailing                                                1900, since 1908

Shooting                                            1896, 1900, 1908–1924, since 1932

Skateboarding                                  2020

Softball                                              1996–2008, 2020

Surfing                                               2020

Swimming                                         All

Synchronised Swimming               Since 1984

Table tennis                                      Since 1988

Taekwondo                                       Since 2000

Tennis                                                1896–1924, since 1988

Trampoline                                       Since 2000

Triathlon                                            Since 2000

Tug of war                                        1900–1920

Volleyball                                          Since 1964

Water motorsports                         1908

Water Polo                                       Since 1900

Weightlifting                                    1896, 1904, since 1920

Wrestling                                           1896, since 1904

The 2020 Summer Olympics

After competing with Madrid (Spain) and Istanbul (Turkey,), the city of Tokyo was elected as the host venue for the 2020 Olympic Games. It will be the second time Tokyo hosts the premier sports event on the planet.

The events’ motto is “Discover Tomorrow”, and the International Olympic Committee expects an approximate of 11,091 athletes from 206 nations. The opening ceremony will be held on July 24th, 2020, and the closing will be on August 9.

There will be 339 events to be held, in 33 sports (50 disciplines.) The New National Stadium is under construction to serve as the place in which all athletes will compete against the top performers in the globe.

Broadcasting for the 2020 Games

It is possible to watch the Olympic Games, with or without cable television. Several networks and channels have already secured broadcasting rights for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. They will bring the action closer to their local audiences in two years time.

Territory                                      Rights holder    

Armenia                                             APMTV

Asia                                                     Dentsu

Australia                                            Seven Network

Austria                                              ORF

Belarus                                               Belteleradio

Belgium                                             VRT

Bosnia and Herzegovina                BHRT

Brazil                                                  Grupo Globo

Bulgaria                                             BNT

Canada                                              CBC/Radio-Canada, Sportsnet, TSN, TLN

Caribbean                                          International Media Content Ltd, SportsMax

China                                                  CCTV

Croatia                                               HRT

Czech Republic                                 ČT

Denmark                                            DR

Estonia                                               Eesti Media

Europe                                               Discovery Communications, Eurosport

Finland                                               Yle

France                                                France Télévisions, Canal+

Georgia                                                GPB

Germany                                            ARD, ZDF

Greece                                               ERT

Hungary                                             MTVA

Iceland                                               RÚV

Ireland                                               RTÉ

Indonesia                                          RCTI

Japan                                                  Japan Consortium

Kosovo                                               RTK

Latin America                                   América Móvil

Latvia                                                 LTV

Lithuania                                           TV3

Luxembourg                                     RTL

Macedonia                                        MRT

MENA                                                beIN Sports

Montenegro                                      RTCG

Netherlands                                      NOS

New Zealand                                    Sky Television

North Korea                                     SBS

Norway                                              TVNorge

Oceania                                             Sky Television

Poland                                                TVP

Portugal                                             RTP

Romania                                            TVR

Slovakia                                             RTV

Slovenia                                             RTV

South Africa                                     SABC, SuperSport

South Korea                                     SBS

Sub-Saharan Africa                        Econet Media, SuperSport

Sweden                                              Kanal 5

Switzerland                                       SRG SSR

Ukraine                                              UA: PBC

United Kingdom                              BBC, Eurosport

United States                                   NBCUniversal

Geo-blocking Restrictions

Most of those networks and channels are meant to broadcast the games only to local audiences. Because of geo-restriction laws and licensing agreements with the International Olympic Committee, they aren’t supposed to show any material to international viewers.

If a person located in Uruguay tries to open NBC Universal streaming site, the system will show a message saying that the content is not available in that area. A similar scenario happens with other channels listed here: they can’t be accessed from international regions.

VPN Technology: A Prime Solution

However, and thanks to VPN technology, that situation has a remedy. VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks, which are encryption tools that can hide the user’s IP address and shared content online.

The intention of masking a person’s real IP address is to hide its location. And since people can’t go over the Internet without an IP number, the VPN app will lend him, or her, a temporary one from the country of its selection. If you, as a VPN subscriber, choose to connect to an American server, you will earn a US-based IP, therefore unblocking NBC Universal and all the streaming sites and web pages of the United States.

Of course, you can obtain a satellite TV package to watch the 2020 Summer Olympics without cable, but you can also take advantage of online streaming and VPNs to unblock any site you want from anywhere.

Of all VPN service providers in the market, IPBurger VPN is among the fast-rising ones. People look for it because it has a clear and concise no logging privacy policy, it is fast, has servers in several countries, and has lots of shared and dedicated IP addresses to give away.

In conclusion, the Olympic Games are sports’ premier competition, gathering more than 10,000 athletes from 206 nations around the world. The fire, the passion, and the gold are representative elements of this 122-year old competition.

The 2020 edition, which would be the next one, will be held in Tokyo. Numerous networks and channels have secured broadcasting rights, and it is possible for people to enjoy the Olympic Games without cable with the help of a VPN app.

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