Public IPs and their lurking danger

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Public IP addresses are used to access the internet and are usually implemented by your ISP. They are globally unique, and this is what makes them helpful and dangerous at the same time. An example of a public IP address is the one assigned to your router by your ISP. An ISP also uses a public IP address to access the entire internet.

Besides accessing the internet, Public IP addresses are also useful in that they enable you to access, let’s say your private home network from work. Also, they are helpful for multiplayer games, setting servers and also a lot of things.

The lurking danger of public IPs

Lurking Dangers Of Ips Public Ips And Their Lurking Danger

As much as public IP addresses are useful, they can also be disastrous with the same magnitude. Its simple, when you connect to the internet, the internet also connects to you. That’s, as you access for instance some files from the internet, someone somewhere will also be able to access some files from your device when necessary precautions are not in place.

A mentioned earlier; you can use a public IP address to access your home network. Using the same principle, cybercriminals can also access your private home network. By exploiting various vulnerabilities, they can even alter your internet settings, reroute your traffic to their phishing servers and even steal your sensitive information.

How to stay protected

One of the best ways to stay protected is by avoiding public IP address you purchase from your ISP. This is the one that you use to access your private home network. But there’s one you can’t avoid, the one assigned to your router by the ISP, well show you how to protect it.

Update your router

A lot of things must fall in line for cybercriminals to gain access to your private network via a public IP address. One of those factors is how vulnerable your router is. The more vulnerable a router is, the more exploits will be an available and hence easier entry. Updating your router provides security updates that patch known vulnerabilities and hence there will be fewer known exploits. Besides updating, you should also turn on all security mechanisms provided by the router.

Protect Your Privacy Public Ips And Their Lurking DangerMask your routers public IP, Protect your privacy

Since you can’t get rid of the public IP address assigned to your router by your ISP – if you do, you won’t have internet – the best thing to do is to hide it. Hiding/masking your IP address will thwart cybercriminals and other prying eyes as they won’t know your real IP address. Also hiding your IP address ensures your online identity is protected.

Use IPBurger VPN to hide your IP address

IPBurger VPN is the best solution for protecting your public IP address assigned to you by your ISP. Not only it hides your IP, but IPBurger VPN also assigns you a virtual IP address that will be visible in the open internet. IPBurger VPN achieves this by the use of secure servers, tunneling, and encryptions.

When you connect to a particular server, your traffic is tunneled through that server. Anybody checking for your public IP address will end up at the VPNs server’s door. This virtual IP address also enables you to gain your internet freedom. That’s, you can gain access to geo-restricted content, bypass censorship and also stay anonymous.

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