How to watch UEFA Champions League finals online

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Europe’s premier club football tournament popularly known as Champions League or UCL will reach its peak on Saturday 1 June 21:00CET at the Estadio Metropolitano in Madrid. Those who are lucky to have the tickets will watch this sporting action live from the stadium. Since all of us cannot fit in the 68,000 capacity stadium, the best way to watch the Champions League final is directly from our seats.

The 2019 finals will feature Tottenham Hotspur, making their first appearance to the finals versus Liverpool who have won the title a couple of times. Both teams are worthy competitors as this has been evident in their just concluded home league; the English Premier League (EPL). Tottenham held the fourth position while Liverpool steadily clung onto the second position.

There are different ways to watch the UCL finals. If you aren’t lucky to have a Cable or Satellite subscription, do not worry, you are not going to miss any action as the two teams fire up goals at each other. You can watch the UEFA Champions league finals online the same way you do with your movies and TV shows.

Watch UEFA Champions League finals online without TV subscriptions

Various TV services already have exclusive rights to show the Champions league. In some countries, such as the UK, one TV service, BT Sport, has been showing the UCL finals for free in its website and YouTube channel for quite a while now in HD. This year, BT Sport will also air the final for free for its fans and UK residents.

To watch live sporting action from the BT Sport website or its YouTube channel, you need to be in the UK. If you access the services outside the UK, you will get the message “Sorry, this video is not available in your country.” All you need to do is trick BT Sport to think that you are in the UK, and it will grant you access to the live sporting action. To trick BT Sport, you will need a reputable VPN, and we’ll show you how;

How to watch UEFA Champions League finals 2019 online

Ipburger 1 How To Watch Uefa Champions League Finals Online

The recommendable VPN service to use and gain access to BT Sport live stream is IPBurger VPN. Proceed as follows to watch UCL finals from BT Sport online.

  1. Sign up for IPBurger VPN account
  2. Download and install the right VPN app for your device
  3. Open the VPN app, log in, and connect to a UK server.
  4. Confirm if you have a UK IP address
  5. On an eventful day, visit the BT Sport YouTube page or the BT Sport website and stream the Champions League finals.

Watch UCL finals, For US residents with Subscriptions

If you are a US resident, a fan of soccer and don’t like cable or Satellite TV services, you probably stream all your sporting action. Good news, Turner Broadcasting System and Univision have secured exclusive rights to air the Champions League. Turner’s TNT will air the Finals in English while Univision will do so in Spanish.

Turner’s TNT will have a live stream through various online streaming services such as Sling TV and Fubo TV.

If you have a subscription for the aforementioned online streaming services, and you will be out of the country, do not worry, we got you covered. Since you can’t stream any of the services outside the US, you will need to spoof your location so that their systems will think you are in the US. To do this trick, you will need to use a reputable VPN; IPBurger.

  1. Sign up for IPBurger VPN account
  2. Download and install the right VPN app for your device
  3. Before you proceed any further if you stream via your browser, clear your browsers cookies and cache.
  4. Open the VPN app, log in, and connect to a US server.
  5. Confirm if you have a US IP address.
  6. On an eventful day, log into your preferred online streaming service and watch the Champions League finals without a hassle outside the US.

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