Retail Bots, Sneaker Bots, Shopping Bots: A Laid-Back Side Hustle

Besides bank robbery, retail bots and proxies are the Bonnie and Clyde of side hustles.

And you won’t get thrown in jail for it.

You don’t need very much to start out, and the earning potential is huge if you decide to hustle harder.

Here you’ll learn everything you need to make money with retail bots.

What’s a Retail Bot?

Retail bots are a type of automated software people use to snatch up items that sell out really fast. This is so they can turn around and sell them to people who are willing to pay a higher price. (Because they’re sold out).

Bots are found ‘automating away’ on many websites like eBay, Ticketmaster, Stubhub, and Best Buy. These bots automate the checkout process so you can buy faster and at higher volumes.

In some cases, bots will buy up an item with low demand and sell it off at a much higher price than what was originally listed.

The most popular retail bots are made special for copping sneakers. In a way, the best bots tend to arise from the desire for phat pumps.

Learn more about sneaker bots here.

Types of Retail Bots

If there’s high demand for a product, there’s always a secondary market where it’s sold at a premium. This is often referred to as scalping. Even though scalping may remind you of shaggy-looking dudes selling tickets outside a sports stadium…scalping is common across many industries. 

Some of the most lucrative include sneakers, gaming consoles, event tickets, and computer parts. 

Some bots specialize in different platforms or online stores, but if you want to dip your toe into everything – you may want to consider an AOI (All In One) bot.

Sneaker Bots

The sneaker resale industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar beast since the dawn of eCommerce. In the past ten years, sneaker releases and restocks have been taken over by sneaker bots. 

You can turn these around on StockX for at least a 25% markup.

How much does it cost?

You can rent a sneaker bot by the day for major drops, by the month if you want to cop every weekend, or just buy it outright. (There’s always the possibility to resell sneaker bots too.)

Daily rentals start at around $5 and monthly for $30. 

Sneaker bots cost anywhere from $300-$7000 to buy.

The kind of bot you need will depend on the sneakers you want to buy. For a ridiculously thorough breakdown of sneaker bots, check out this guide

How much you can make? 

Sneakerheads pull in up to $10K a month reselling shoes (and reselling sneaker bots). You won’t get these numbers unless you invest some serious time into it, but it’s easy enough to start making a few hundred ginos as a newb. 

Ultimately, it depends on how much capital you have, but you can usually flip sneakers for a 25% markup.

(Put in $1000 and get $1250.)

But there are many cases where the markups exceed a thousand percent.

You can literally pay for your proxies and sneaker bot after one resale. 

If you’re not already a sneakerhead, then you will need to do research before hustling shoes or you’ll have a closet full that nobody wants. (Sad for you, even sadder for the shoes).

Retail Bots

Retail bots cop sneakers too, but you can also use them for any other retail purchases. In fact, the market is quite vast. Pick from electronics like PS5s or NVIDIA graphic cards (they tend to fly off the shelves)…to collectibles like pokemon-type trading cards. 

How much does it cost? 

Aside from residential proxies, you just need a bot. Since there are more opportunities to buy, it’s worth it to own instead of rent. However, I suggest renting first before you make a commitment.

The kind of retail bot you’re looking for is an All In One bot or AIO bot. The best in class – StellarAIO – goes for $20/month.

Or you can check out this guide on how to rent AIO bots

How much can you make?

The margins are similar to sneaker botting, and depend on what you can invest. There are plenty more opportunities with retail bots, so once you get going – the sky is the limit.

Ticket Scalping Bots

Ticket scalping bots, or scalper bots, are made specifically for buying and reselling concert tickets and event tickets. For many, they’re a source of frustration. For you, they can be an ally when it comes to seeing your favorite band on stage or attending an important sporting event.

We don’t condone buying up as many tickets as possible, but sometimes you need to bend the rules to get the prize.

Cook Groups 

The sure way to find the right products to resell is through cook groups. A good cook group has everything you need in terms of guides and support to set up your bot, configure proxies, and even how to open a store to sell your merch.

Cook groups are communities of like-minded individuals, so you may even find better deals on retail bots, sneaker bots, and other tools.


Proxies keep your bots undetected and your IP address protected. There’s no way to use bots successfully without them.

While it’s cheaper to use data center proxies, they aren’t very reliable and often end up with bans. This is because websites that release high-demand products are well aware of bots and easily identify them if they’re using a data center IP.

That’s why I recommend residential proxies. Websites cannot see that you are using a bot because the IP address comes from another real device and not a cloud server. 

Learn more about residential proxies.

How to get a retail bot

You can find retail bots on discord marketplaces like BotMart and Tidal. Be sure to always use a middleman to avoid scams. 

You may also find it less risky and more affordable to rent, buy, or borrow bots from your cook group. 

How to use a retail bot to make money

1. Rent or Buy a Retail Bot

2. Join a Cook Group that has monitors for what you want to resell

3. Import a list of residential proxies onto your retail bot.

  • If you haven’t got residential proxies yet, you can find them here.

4. Set up tasks for your bot and wait to receive the shipments.

  • No two bots are exactly alike, but this AIO bot review will give you a good idea of how to set up tasks. There’s hundreds of YouTube videos out there too.

5. Resell your goods on platforms like StockX, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay. 

6. Repeat

That’s the gist of it. You can explore the tricks of the trade through our blog, but you need to connect with a cook group for daily scoops on bot performance and release schedules.

Whether you choose to resell baseball cards, jewelry, AMD graphics cards, or Air Jordans – there’s profit to be made. 

The start-up cost isn’t too bad either. You’ll have to ante in $300 the first month, sell a few items, and the rest is pure profit. 

A low entrance fee for a highly scalable side hustle. 

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