Catch Them All with a Pokémon Go VPN!

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Since its inception to the entertainment market in the mid-nineties, Pokémon (the contracted form of “Pocket Monsters”) has been a mainstay. People of all ages love the games and the anime, as well as the culture involving this marvelous Japanese creation.

Pokémon consists of gathering these pocket monsters using pokéballs and putting together the biggest possible collection. The person who is trying to complete the Pokédex, which is the list of all available Pokémon, is called a trainer. These creatures can be trained and developed by battling with their peers.

Pokemon GO was developed thinking about people wanting to be trainers “on the go,” which means that the catching experience was translated to the real, physical world, but virtually. People now use their mobile devices and smartphones to catch Pokémon wherever they go.

Pokemonsquare Catch Them All With A Pokémon Go Vpn!Pokémon Go: Pocket monsters’ sensation!

Pokémon Go is a location-based game that is now one of the most popular titles in the world. It is free, but it is only obtainable in specific locations. The latest versions include Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, and they are available in 3D.

There are no clear compatibility issues, as Pokémon Go supports both the Android and iOS platforms. The vast majority of its market is located in the United States of America, nearly 60% to be exact. The title implements GPS to display a creature’s location, which makes catching them all very hard to achieve.

Pokémon GO’s location restrictions

Pokémon Go’s market is limited. Sure, almost 30 European nations can enjoy the game with no limits, as can the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Outside of those nations, there is no access because of server overloading.

If you want to download and play the game outside the United States and any other of the mentioned countries, you will need some external help. To be more precise, you would need to change your virtual location, and the best measure you can implement to achieve that is a VPN.

Achieve GPS spoofing with a VPN

VPN means Virtual Private Network, which is an online resource that allows the customer to encrypt all the details regarding its connection, including its current location (IP address) and shared content online. Better yet, a good VPN brand will be able to lend its client base IP addresses from other countries.

For example, if you are in India and want to play Pokémon Go, you probably won’t have access to the game because of geographical location restrictions. You can, however, acquire the services of a VPN provider and connect to an American server, thus gaining the required US IP address to download the game.

This process is called GPS spoofing and is necessary if you want to complete the entire Pokémon Go’s Pokédex. If Pokémon is such a worldwide success, it doesn’t make sense that the game is restricted to that few countries.

The VPN market is full of reliable options, but if you want to play the game privately and safely, the most recommended one is IPBurger VPN. It has servers in America and some European nations, making it possible to download and enjoy Pokémon Go. It has shared and dedicated IP addresses to fulfill every possible need.

Why do you need a VPN to play Pokémon Go

As we have already stated, if you live in a country that is not on the “lucky list,” you won’t be able to download the game. A VPN will allow you to connect to another country, effectively unlocking the title.

Additionally, Pokémon Go can be a bit privacy-invasive. Since VPN encryption protects your online content and digital data, you will feel secure about playing the game wherever you go if you choose to go with the VPN route.

How to use a Pokemon Go VPN

  • Go to your preferred VPN app’s website and download the client.
  • After signing up with the VPN service, install the client or app in your device.
  • Download a GPS spoofing app; you can do this by searching in the Google Play Store for an app named “Fake GPS location.”
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select About Phone/Tablet.
  • Write the build number to activate Developer Options.
  • Choose Debugging.
  • Then, Select Mock Location App.
  • After that, select Fake GPS.
  • Download the Mock Mock Locations module to use the Fake GPS program with Pokémon