Am I Anonymous when I use a VPN?

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Internet surveillance and censorships are on the rise, with governments, ISPs, and other organizations always implementing new ways of monitoring internet users. Internet privacy is therefore slowly becoming a thing of the past, something that has seen many citizens result in the use of VPNs. Without a clear understanding of how VPN functions behind the scenes, many are then left wondering if they are anonymous when using a VPN.

Online Anonymity Am I Anonymous When I Use A Vpn?What is Online Anonymity?

Online anonymity is where you can use the internet to interact with people, websites and other internet resources while protecting your online and real identity from being shared with another user or third-party. If you ever use the internet, then you have an online persona that you should always take care of.

Without online anonymity, whatever you do online can always be traced back to you. An example is when you stream copyrighted media online. Sooner or later, you will get a DMCA notice from your ISP. To identify you, they simply trace your online identity back to your real identity.

It may or may not surprise you, but ISPs know everything about you. They know all about your online behavior; when you mostly access the internet, which websites you visit etc.

Why Should I be Anonymous?

The importance of online anonymity can never be overstated. There are so many reasons why you would like to remain anonymous. A good example is when you want to share sensitive information, which you can’t afford to let it be traced back to you.

You may also want to bar your ISP and government from tracking everything you are doing online. This is actually the main reason why most people are turning to a reliable VPN. With the online surveillance becoming so invasive, you should always try to stay private from your ISP and government.

Anonymity is also important for your security. For example, when you are file sharing with peers online, they can see your real IP address. Malicious people can then use it to launch an attack.

Is 100% Anonymity Achievable?

In all truth, you can’t achieve complete anonymity in this world we live in. However, pseudo-anonymity is quite easy to achieve. And unless you are a criminal, this is all the anonymity that you need. This is because when it comes to serious crimes, whether you use a VPN, Tor or a combination of both, governments will always stop at nothing to unveil you. Nevertheless, a private and reliable VPN like IPBurger can deliver you the online anonymity that you seek.

VPN Anonymity

Your online identity is usually tied to your ISP, and when you connect to IPBurger, the VPN masks your real IP address and gives you another one belonging the server you have selected. When you visit a website, the site will now see your fake IP address, which is also shared by many other users, something that enhances your anonymity.

Your ISP will also be blocked from seeing what you are doing online since you are connected to IPBurger servers but not theirs. All they can know is that you are using a VPN. They will therefore not be able to trace you, throttle your internet speeds or send you DMCA notices.

A VPN is, therefore, your best shot at remaining anonymous when online. If you wish to give your IPBurger anonymity an extra boost, you can combine it with Tor (The Onion Router), a service designed for that specific purpose.

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