8 Best ISP Proxies (Static Residential) for 2022

ISP proxies aren’t quite the Lambo of proxies, more like an Audi A6. 

They’re really fast, but they don’t draw too much attention either. This is perfect for web scrapers, sneaker bots, and high-speed privacy. 

This article aims to solve all the riddles around these static residential proxies and present a solid list of providers to choose from. 

What is an ISP proxy? 

An ISP proxy is a proxy server provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). They function as a residential proxy, but unlike most residential proxies, they do not rotate. That is why they are sometimes called static residential proxies. 

Static Residential Proxies.

Formerly a thing of myth and legend, static residential proxies have become more sought after and common these days. It takes more effort for providers to set these proxies up, and being private (not shared), there are fewer to go around.

Why use ISP proxies?

ISP proxies are beasts, but they do have their place and time for use. Since they come at a higher cost and are generally harder to get a hold of, you may want to save them for the right tasks. 

For instance, unless you have the cash to throw at them, watching US Netflix from China using an ISP proxy is no use. A residential proxy will do fine. 

However, depending on your gaming setup, you may want the speed and power of an ISP proxy that can bypass geo-security like a residential proxy. 

Let’s look at the use cases that fall under this category. 

1. Premium web scraping 

Websites highly trust residential proxies compared to datacenter proxies, and ISP proxies share the same level of trust. This allows web scrapers to do their thing without triggering any penalties for scraping. 

However, rotating residential proxies are a more economical way to scrape at nearly the same quality and speed. 

If it makes sense to use ISP proxies for web scraping, they will get the best results. The price makes them out of reach for most enterprises because you need many ISP proxies to rotate between, and you can’t share the costs. 

2. Private browsing at high speed

Once again, datacenter and ISP proxies share the same fundamental nature of fast internet connections. Usually, they’re much faster than any residential proxy. 

However, data center proxies stick out like a sore thumb, and many websites and platforms block them. Sometimes, data center IPs are blocked in large chunks because they are tied to other datacenter IPs. 

ISP proxies don’t have this problem because they are private. That way, you can enjoy the benefits of a residential IP and the fast speeds of a data center connection. 

3. Copping Sneakers and Other Limited-Edition Items:

The first group of people to really leverage the unique power of ISP proxies were the sneakerheads. In particular, the sneaker bot users. 

Having the fastest connections when copping sneakers during sneaker drops is crucial. Everyone else is trying to get to the drop first. 

Residential proxies can be pretty fast, but mostly they’re slower than their data center cousins. However, those DC proxies are always at high risk for bans, which means no sneakers. 

As a hybrid solution, ISP proxies give sneaker bots the fast connection they need to beat the competition and a residential IP that sneaker sites trust. The result is a mailbox full of sneakers. 

What to look for in ISP proxies.

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, here are some factors to consider when choosing an ISP proxy:

  • The speed of the proxy. This is important for obvious reasons–you want your proxy to be fast so that it doesn’t slow down your internet connection. You generally won’t have to worry about the speed of ISP proxies because they’re all quite fast.
  • The reliability of the proxy. This is also important–you don’t want to choose a proxy known for being unreliable or going down often. It’s rare for datacenters to fail, but it happens. You may want to look for a provider that uses datacenter clusters to prevent downtime. 
  • The price of the proxy. Some ISP proxies can be quite expensive, so you’ll want to ensure that your chosen proxy is within your budget. The price usually goes up when you see specialized providers like sneaker bots. This doesn’t mean they’re better. They’re just marketing to a specific niche and have a limited amount of products. 
  • The location of the proxy server. This can be important if you want to access content that is only available in certain countries. For example, if you want to cop sneakers from a New York drop, you’ll want to have an ISP proxy nearby. 
  • The security of the proxy. If you’re concerned about online security, you’ll want to ensure that the proxy you choose is secure and that your data will be encrypted. If you’re buying ISP proxies, there’s rarely a case that these providers will drop the ball on security. 

The best ISP proxies. 

The following are the best all-around ISP proxies. The way they are picked depends on whether they are true private residential proxies and the quality of the service.

isp proxies


The first choice is IPBurger. Not only because we have countless positive reviews and know how to handle our business, but because we recently began offering ISP proxies.

Our ISP proxies are fresh off the block and connected using the most modern technology and upgrades. Even though ISP proxies are all lightning fast and have little to no downtime—you can bet IPBurger is a step above. 

Our static residential proxies start at $29/per month. We also have enterprise-level pricing for all the ISP proxies you can handle. 


Formerly known as Luminati, this provider is the biggest around. Their ISP proxies have been around for a while too. They have complicated rates for their proxies, but they start at $500 monthly. 

That may not be accessible for most small businesses, so we can assume that BrightData caters to larger corporations. Not a bad thing, but expensive. 

isp proxies


This organization leans towards the sneaker proxy crowd. You can also use them for botting anything–electronics, ticket sales, etc.

They start at $55 monthly. If you’re making money flipping boots and PlayStations, it’s a good investment. You better save money and look elsewhere for other purposes, such as web scraping and surfing. 

Other botting ISP providers

Instead of summarizing all the smaller companies that offer ISP/DC proxies, here’s a pretty comprehensive list you can look into. They are on the steep end of pricing because they are an ‘investment’ for resellers. You can expect to pay between $50-$100+ a month. 

  • Red proxies
  • Leaf proxies
  • ChiCooked proxies
  • Proxyheaven
  • Insomnia proxies

There are dozens more obscure proxy providers. You can find them through sneaker cook groups. If you don’t know what that is, be sure to stop by Before you Choose A Sneaker Cook Group, READ THIS.

Bottom line.

Static residential proxies, also known as ISP proxies, are becoming more popular as they provide automation users an upper hand against competition via reduced downtime, faster speeds, and greater privacy. 

There are plenty of options, but it’s best to go with a reputable provider with plenty of products to choose from. In this case, we’re referring IPBurger—and our huge inventory of affordable ISP proxies

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