What you need to know about the internet on internet privacy

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The internet is public

Anyone on the internet can search and have results of whatever they are looking for in less than a minute regardless of where they are. This searches can be about your online presence and can compose a lot of things from your social media accounts and other websites. If you have revealed too much personally identifying information, malicious actors can use it to propagate attacks against you and other people or even on your assets.

The internet remembers

The internet never forgets. Once you post something on the internet, it’s not that easy to take it down. Even if you delete it, it will still haunt you in various ways. Be cautious about anything you post online and be sure that you want to post it online. Cleaning your stuff from the internet is a messy unending job.

Additionally, anything you post on social media is also public. Take the right measures to safeguard your social media privacy.

You must have trust or be privacy cautious

Only a few people can afford to provide the internet to themselves. The rest, you have to rely on your Internet Service Provider to provide you the internet. In this scenario, your ISP has a lot of power since the ISP literally sees and knows what you do on the internet. And through monitoring and tracking, your ISP may decide to put your data into other uses such as for advertisements and maybe strong-arming you to use their certain service. It all comes down to trust and hope that your ISP acts in an acceptable ethical way. In case there’s no trust, you have to invest in internet privacy and security software, hardware and techniques.

Privacy comes at a cost

There’s nothing as a free lunch. If something is offered for free, there’s always a catch. And on the internet, its either you pay using your private data via getting intrusive ads, or you really pay for premium privacy and security service. Since the internet is complex, you also ought to learn about internet safety practices, be cyber aware and also follow the current trends and news.

Encryption is important

Anything done on the internet is public unless it’s strongly encrypted. Anyone snooping around with simple tools can harvest tons of information they desire from the internet. If you use any service that uses the internet be it texting and even calls, ensure you have enabled end to end encryptions. It’s better to do away with apps or services that don’t provide end to end encryptions.

Avoid public Wi-Fi at all costs

Public Wi-Fi may seem a cheap alternative to getting a faster internet connection. But it’s a costly option and here’s why. Public Wi-Fi hotspots allow many connections, and there’s no way of controlling who won’t access your data if you’re not privacy savvy. Malicious actors connected to a public Wi-Fi can use various methods such as MITM attacks, snooping, eavesdropping and spoofing to gain access to your internet traffic and hence gain access to your sensitive data. When in public Wi-Fi exercise the best online practices.

Phishing is here to stay

Since the internet got popular, other things also got popular. They include phishing, malware, and other cybercriminal activities. As long as there’s an internet connection, there will be a phishing attack. With new novice users joining the internet every day, malicious actors will continue to phish out their personally identifiable information and even scam them to reveal more detail such financial information.

Advertisers want your data

Data is the new oil, and it’s the driving force behind the internet. The more the sensitive the data, the more valuable it is. With e-commerce and digital marketing, advertisers want to make sure that they reach you and at the end of the day, they make a profit. They have devised various ways in which they track your internet behavior and movement when surfing the internet. At times this has led to privacy intrusions.


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