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What is Kodi and How Does it Work? Get All the Details

Not everything is work, duties, bills, and responsibilities in life. If people want to achieve true happiness, they need to mix entertainment and leisure. Online streaming is fun, practical, and cheap, and it has cemented its place as one of the people’s preferred ways to enjoy their free time.

The Internet world is full of online streaming platforms and multimedia libraries. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, the BBC iPlayer, and other local networks are trending up in people’s preferences. However, none of them offers the options for customizing and personalizing the entertainment experience as Kodi does.

Kodi: Online Entertainment for Free

Kodi is a free online service that comes in the form of an app. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Amazon TV Fire Stick, and even iOS, although users need jailbroken phones before downloading Kodi on the latter.

Kodi is an open source project, which means that the community has the chance to audit the code and make improvements to the service. It functions as a home entertainment system in which people can play multimedia content (usually videos, slides, audios, songs, and even games) from their hard drives, external storage units such as DVD or Blu-Ray discs, or from the Internet.

The service was introduced back in 2002 as the XBMC (Xbox Media Center,) and was made for the Microsoft Xbox console. It has evolved to become one of the best streaming apps in the world, allowing users to enjoy movies, TV shows, live sports games, and more.

How does Kodi work?

Installing Kodi in Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and Raspberry Pi is very straightforward, as the app can be easily tracked and downloaded. For example, it is available in Android’s Google Play Store. And although it is a bit trickier to get it for iOS and the Amazon Fire Stick, you can do it with a little more effort.

Kodi works as an app that you download and install in your device. Since it is continually modified and upgraded by hundreds of coders and developers around the globe, it is always improving.

Users can customize their Kodi streaming experience, from the available shows to see to the look of the app in your device. For the former, you install “add-ons” that contain specific content that you will reproduce or see: for example, there are official Kodi NFL add-ons to enjoy the best of the National Football League. For the latter, you can choose and configure skins.

It is important to note that Kodi allows users to install official add-ons and unofficial add-ons. The first kind is those that have been audited, produced or approved by Kodi developers: they are secure and recommended by the XBMC Foundation.

The Kodi unofficial add-ons are created and developed by third parties around the web. They are generally more exciting and exotic, as they often provide content unavailable in official add-ons, but they are also more insecure than official ones.

To use Kodi, you need to:

  • Install it: Get it from your device app store or from the official website.
  • Set it up: You can either add it to your media or choose to browse for other options.
  • Install skins: Do it by the Settings menu and “interface settings.”
  • Install add-ons: They can be official and unofficial. The former practically explain themselves and guide you through the process, while the latter may involve installing from a .zip file or downloading them through the URL. You need to enable unknown sources to enjoy unofficial add-ons.

Use a Kodi VPN and access new horizons

Kodi is an open source software, and as such, it can put people in contact with malware, hackers, and other threats associated with the Internet, especially if subscribers implement and install unofficial and unverified Kodi add-ons.

To enhance protection against those online hazards, people are opting for installing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) app on their streaming devices. VPNs are Internet tools that augment privacy and anonymity by hiding the user’s IP address and traffic.

If users can hide their IP number and replace it with a temporary one borrowed from their VPN providers, they will be much harder to track online by governmental surveillance agencies, online advertising, hackers, malware developers, Internet Service Providers, and other external agents.

Kodi users love VPN because they can offer anonymous browsing and also for their unblocking prowess. Since numerous movie, TV shows, or sports networks and platforms are geo-restricted, VPN technology can let people acquire an IP address from their desired location, thus giving them the power to access blocked international content. Official and unofficial add-ons that would be impossible to get are now obtainable with a VPN.

The market is full of reliable options that provide high speeds, lots of servers, and robust encryption. However, IPBurger VPN is quickly earning more customers because of their responsible management of people’ data privacy. It is safe, it is speedy, and it has dedicated and shared IP address that allows customers to enjoy Kodi safely and access blocked add-ons.


In conclusion, Kodi is a perfect streaming tool for the whole family. It is safe, it is legal, and it is highly customizable: you can install official add-ons that let you watch endless TV series, films, documentaries, live sporting events, and more.

It is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Raspberry Pi, Amazon TV Fire Stick, Roku, Linux, and other devices or operating systems, However, for the sake of your security and that of your device (s) you should be using a reliable and trustworthy VPN service like IPBurger while you enjoy Kodi.



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[…] Kodi is the holy grail of home entertainment. Using various plugins and add-ons, Kodi allows you to stream content according to your preference. With the right add-ons and plugins, you can stream any content you want in Kodi. Various add-ons and plugins offer a variety of content that includes movies, TV shows, sporting action, documentaries, and live TV. You can also get access to various on-demand services such as Netflix, Hulu, and even get to stream free content. […]