What Is a Sneaker Bot? The Question Worth a Thousand Shoes

sneaker bot

A sneaker bot is many things.

  • The pinwheel of a $6B shoe resale industry
  • An unfair advantage
  • A sneakerhead’s salvation and despair
  • The reason sneaker drops are over in seconds

But most of all, sneaker bots are the answer to a question.

How can I get a pair of those dunks?

There are things in this world that seem out of reach.

  • Tickets to the world cup
  • The truth about the origin of consciousness
  • Turbo-man
  • Footage of big foot with more pixels than credibility…

And limited supply sneakers.

Of all these, sneakers are probably the toughest to get your mitts on.

Unless you master sneaker bots.

What are sneaker bots?

A sneaker bot, or shoe bot, is a piece of software that automates the steps you take to buy sneakers online.

Sneaker bots work faster

Every click and form-fill that eventually lead to a “thank you for you’re purchase,” pre-load on a bot like a bullet in a gun. Therefore, as soon as the sneakers drop, all you need to do is pull the trigger.

It does everything: finds the shoes, picks the size, fills the cart, and checks out.

Shoe bots shoot more bullets

Not only do sneaker bots work faster, they can duplicate the check-out process ad infinitum. As a result, bot users have many more chances to score than most people do. It’s like you have an army of sneaker zealots all working together to cop shoes for you.

And that’s just scratching the sneaker bot surface.

A short and tweet history

Circa 2007

The world of boutique sneakers make impact with the internet.

December 2012

Nike drops the Air Jordan 9 Retro Doernbechers on Twitter. By doing so, the Mayan calendar predicts the end of a world without sneaker bots.

Early 2013

Numerous reports begin to surface across the web about shoe bot disturbances.

Summer 2013

Shopify begins to host sneaker retailers.

October 2015

Supreme Saint developers Matt Steiner and partner Chris make $20K in five seconds by botting the release of the Jordan 5 Desert Camo. Following this, sneaker bots indeed reign supreme.

Sometime in 2018

Akamai’s director Moshe Zioni, who spearheads the fight against bots reveals the current state of affairs.

“When these very big sales are going on, close to 100% of the traffic is bots alone.”

Moshe Zioni

Sneaker Bots Today

Ever since Moshe made that announcement in 2019, sneaker bots have grown in numbers despite attempts to suppress them.

What does it mean for sneakerheads?

If you wanna cop, you’re gonna have to step your game up.

And when it comes to sneaker botting, knowledge is power.

What you need to know about sneaker botting

Consider this as page one of a panoramic guide that’s currently in the works.

  • How do sneaker bots work?
  • What are the best bots for shoes?
  • How to beat sneaker bots?
  • What do you need to bot shoes?
  • How to get sneaker bots?
  • What are sneaker proxies?
  • What are the best sneaker proxies?

One Sneaker Botting Guide To Rule Them All answers these questions and covers everything else you need for mastery in the art of sneaker botting.

Whether you’re already an initiate of sneakerhood, or ready for botting baptism – you won’t have to do it alone.

Stay tuned.


Are sneaker bots illegal?

Bots are legal. However, many online retailers will blacklist your IP address and ban you from making any future purchases – quite a persuasive reason to use sneaker proxies.

What are the costs of botting?

If you’re doing it right – $200/month, minimum. Don’t forget the initial investment for a sneaker bot. This includes cook group membership, sneaker proxies, AYCD auto-solve, and a dedicated server – the bare necessities. Keep in mind, it also costs time. (Especially the initial investment)

How much are sneaker bots?

Anywhere from $300 to $3000. Sneaker bots sell out as fast as sneakers, so you may have to pay the resell price.

How hard is it to bot?

Botting is not easy. It’s like fly-fishing and requires a generous ration of time and patience. Even with the best bots and proxies at your side, it can take months before you’re fresh enough with the tools and tackle to use them successfully.

Are sneaker bots worth it?

It depends. If you’re a die-hard sneakerhead – how much would you shell out for your dream sneaker collection?

However, if you’re in it for the business perks and manage to master sneaker botting…

I’ll leave you with this tweet.

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