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Netflix is the best and one of the largest video streaming service in the world. It offers a wide variety of premium entertainment content ranging from TV shows to documentaries. With a Netflix account, you get to enjoy updated content and unlimited streaming across your devices with no ad interruptions or even commercials. As with every popular streaming service, Netflix offers content on a geolocation basis; different locations have different content.

Currently, Netflix US has the vast and best catalog with a diversity of content as compared to other Netflix catalogs in the world. If you travel outside the US, you’ll realize that most of your favorite shows won’t show up when trying to stream Netflix. If you have been in this situation or you just want to access Netflix US, this guide has a solution for you. Read on!

Netflix and geo-restrictions

Netflix And Geo Restrictions 01 Watch Netflix Us From Anywhere In The World

Besides being the best streaming service, Netflix is also the king of geo-blocks and geo-restricting content. Content providers usually use copyrights and license to control the distribution of their content and Netflix being a content distributor; they must adhere to various license agreements. By doing so, Netflix implements various mechanisms such as geo-restrictions to regulate access to Netflix content in various countries. Since the US has most content providers, Netflix US ends up with most content while other countries get a quarter of that.

In a logical perspective, this is not fair as all users pay the same Netflix subscriptions. That’s why most users have resolved to use DNS un-blockers and VPNs to access Netflix US. But it’s not all that easy.

Netflix crackdown on VPN and DNS un-blockers

When Netflix was becoming popular worldwide, DNS un-blockers and most VPNs could easily unblock Netflix US and other famous catalogs such as Netflix Canada. But that’s is not the case nowadays as Netflix still relentlessly continues its crackdown on VPNs and DNS un-blockers. As a result of this cracked down, Netflix has banned many ways of accessing Netflix US. Only a handful of VPNs can grant you access and enable you to watch Netflix US from anywhere in the world.

Here are some ways in which Netflix enforces the crackdown on VPNs and DNS un-blockers;

Blacklisting DNS un-blockers and popular VPN providers: DNS un-blockers were the first to face the wrath of the crackdown before VPNs. Netflix usually checks your IP address and your DNS resolution server. When using un-blockers and VPNs, the DNS request always mismatch and the system will know you’re cheating, unless you are using a reputable VPN.

Blocking an entire IP range: Most VPNs offer shared IP addresses which users use to gain access to Netflix US. But when the system realizes multiple different connections via the same IP, Netflix will automatically block the whole IP range and users won’t have access to Netflix US anymore.

Thankfully, there are still a few workarounds that you can use to bypass Netflix geo-restrictions and watch Netflix US from anywhere in the world. The best-known workaround is by using IPBurger VPN.

Unblocking Netflix US using IPBurger VPN

Ipburger 1 Watch Netflix Us From Anywhere In The World

IPBurger VPN is one of the reputable VPNs that can help you gain access to Netflix US. IPBurger VPN bypasses Netflix blocking mechanisms by creating and maintaining a secure tunnel via a US server. The US server assigns you a US virtual IP address, and this makes your internet traffic to appear as if it’s coming from the US. Also, IPBurger VPN offers dedicated IP addresses which minimize your chances of getting blocked when watching Netflix US from anywhere in the world.

You also get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and lightning speeds; this means no buffering and lagging – a seamless HD streaming experience.

To use IPBurger VPN and watch Netflix US proceed as follows;

  • Sign up with IPBurger VPN service.
  • Download and install the right VPN app for your device.
  • Launch the app, sign in and connect to a US server.

Finally, grab some popcorns, launch the Netflix app and enjoy a vast catalog of TV shows, movies, and latest documentaries.

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