Unlimited Bandwidth Residential Proxies + 4 Vendor Reviews

Unlimited bandwidth residential proxies exist, but vendors usually hide some details. 

It would be nice to enjoy unlimited bandwidth AND connections.

In fantasy, you can.  

The reality is that you must choose.

So which do you need? This article clarifies the answer for you, and we recommend several unlimited bandwidth proxy providers (if that’s your jam). 

What are residential proxies?

A residential proxy is an IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to a real user device. 

What are unlimited bandwidth residential proxies?

Simply put, unlimited bandwidth residential proxies are residential IP addresses provided through a proxy server that you can use as much traffic as you want. 

Who uses them?

Those who need a lot of bandwidth–for streaming video games on twitch or applications like TikTok, huge scraping operations, and transferring data, 

The truth behind unlimited bandwidth residential proxies.

There is no provider in existence that offers both unlimited bandwidth and connections for their residential proxies. They would quickly lose money simply by people reselling their proxies with more realistic limitations. 

So if you see someone offering unlimited bandwidth, you will be limited to several ports. This means you won’t be able to use any more simultaneous connections than you have ports. 

This isn’t bad, as some people might benefit from this pricing structure. For instance, sneaker bots are limited by the number of email and payment methods, so it’s not necessary to have unlimited connections. 

But for web scraping, something like 10 ports/concurrent connections may slow operations, and it may be better to have rotating proxies with unlimited threads and connections. 

Rule of thumb:

  • Vendors offering unlimited bandwidth residential proxies limit the connection and/or speed.
  • Vendors who offer unlimited connections/threads residential proxies charge by the GB. 
  • You’d save costs using unlimited bandwidth residential proxies if you’re using Terabytes of traffic— downloading large volumes of data, streaming geo-blocked content, using torrents and online applications. 
  • Most web scraping, botting, and account creation benefit from unlimited connections/threads, and paying for bandwidth is usually more cost-effective. 

Unlimited bandwidth datacenter proxies. 

A datacenter proxy is a type of proxy server hosted in a datacenter. This type of proxy is usually much faster and more reliable than a residential proxy because it has access to a higher-quality internet connection. 

You won’t have a problem tracking down unlimited bandwidth providers because bandwidth is cheaper since it’s not coming through real user devices. However, this quality also makes data center proxies vulnerable to IP bans and blocks. 

Unlimited bandwidth residential proxy providers.

You can find many other providers on Blackhatworld, but we can’t vouch for any of them. You can, however, research and find the chain of reviews for the providers on the forum.

Of the few commercial vendors, we found the following to have the most history to demonstrate their product quality and company ethics.

unlimited bandwidth residential proxies


  • Price: Starting at $65.95 monthly for 5 ports
  • Trial: 1 GB for 3 days
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • IP Pool Size: 2M+
  • Locations: 140 countries

Proxy Rack is well known and reviewed for its unmetered residential proxies. They have a fairly stocked IP pool and an impressive range of locations. Pricing is mid-range and fair for the market. Proxy Rack really is one of those middle-of-the-pack companies that doesn’t stand out or have any major drawbacks. 

Word on the street is that their proxies aren’t great for scraping search engines, so keep that in mind if you need proxies to access security-enhanced domains and sensitive webpages. 

unlimited bandwidth residential proxies


  • Price: $60 monthly per port
  • Trial: Money back guarantee
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • IP Pool Size: Undisclosed
  • Locations: US only

HydraProxy is the best we have here for quality proxies. The only thing is that they’re much more expensive because they use US mobile proxies. You’d think this would make any web scraping invincible, but their success rate is around 80%. Which is still pretty good. Is it $60 per proxy good? Another downside is that you only get to test them for 24 hours – their money-back guarantee. 

unlimited bandwidth residential proxies


  • Price: Starting at $150 monthly for 10 ports
  • Trial: None
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • IP Pool Size: 31M+
  • Locations: Global

Shifty—errr, Shifter, has been around for a while but under its former brand name, Microleaves. Unfortunately, their rebranding choice seems to be a cover-up for some terrible PR.

According to Krebson Security, there’s ample evidence that Shifter (Microleaves) used scams and shady tactics like botnets to grow their business. 

Their pricing is fair, and they offer a broad range of locations–but use at your own risk.  

unlimited bandwidth residential proxies

Storm Proxies

  • Price: Starting at $10 monthly for 5 ports
  • Trial: 24-hour money back guarantee with the 5 proxy plan
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • IP Pool Size: 200,000
  • Locations: US only

Storm proxies are by far the worst service provider on the list. That doesn’t mean they’re terrible, but there are many better vendors. The problem begins with their limited proxy pool size in just 3 US cities. This will limit the speed immensely. You can see that the price reflects this obvious drawback. So, if you want cheaper unlimited or unmetered residential proxies–and don’t mind low quality–Storm Proxies is a fair choice. 

Do you really need unlimited bandwidth?

If you aren’t in the line of fire for IP bans—web scraping, sneaker bots, creating and managing multiple social media and seller accounts, etc—and use truckloads of data, you might. 

But most people don’t need them. 

There are many higher-quality options when looking for metered residential proxies (that come with unlimited connections or threads). 

For instance, IPBurger

You can rest easy knowing we’ve been around and piling up positive reviews on TrustPilot for years. We haven’t abused our privileges of protecting and managing our client data, and we never will. 

Plus, we have a great setup for proxy rotation and perhaps the smoothest sailing user interface on the market. 

Check out our packages—we’re sure you’ll find something that fits. If not, then reach out to the IPBurger team for a consultation. 

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