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Netflix is one of the best streaming services in this digital era. With just a subscription and an internet connection, you can binge watch a lot of content than you can imagine. Apart from being the best, it’s also compatible with most computing platforms, TVs and even available in gaming accessories. But not everybody shares the same views that Netflix is the best. Netflix US has the largest and the best catalog of movies and TV shows while the rest of the world only gets to watch select few contents which are not that entertaining. This is due to geo-restrictions.

Geo Restrictions Unblock Netflix AnywhereNetflix and geo-restrictions

Geo-restriction is the primary reason why other Netflix catalogs have fewer contents and even make the service not to be available in other countries. Due to copyrights and licensing restrictions of content owners, Netflix is not allowed to distribute some of the movies and TV shows to some other regions. Other times, it might not copyright that regulate the content to be shown. And in this case, censorship is the culprit. At times, competition from rivals such as ISPs who offer their streaming services may block Netflix or even throttle its bandwidth.

Use IPBurger VPN to unblock Netflix anywhere

To unblock Netflix anywhere, one must bypass the geo-restrictions and other censorship put in place. To do this, one needs a VPN, the best VPN for this job is IPBurger and here is why. With IPBurger you can access any Netflix catalog from anywhere in the world even the US Netflix.

IPBurger does this by making Netflix think that for instance, you are in the US. This is achieved once you have connected to US server location. The server will assign you a US IP address, and hence your real IP address won’t be visible. IPBurger encryptions will keep your online traffic safe from prying eyes including censors, ISP, and even Netflix. By doing this, IPBurger will also eliminate throttling enforced by competitor ISPs.

Still Blocked Unblock Netflix AnywhereStill blocked?

It’s common that you can still get blocked even after connecting to Netflix by a VPN. This is because Netflix launched a crackdown on VPNs and its blocking system continues to get better and better each day. Usually, this system looks up for IP addresses that are being used by a lot of people and then blacklist them or even blacklist the whole server. When this happens, you might not be able to stream your chosen Netflix catalog.

But worry not, a simple solution is to connect to a different server in the same country. A far more effective solution is using IPBurger’s fresh and dedicated IP addresses. With a dedicated IP address, you will be the only person using it, and the risk of Netflix blocking it is very minimal.

Netflix Using A Vpn Unblock Netflix AnywhereIs it legal to unblock Netflix using a VPN?

Using a VPN to access Netflix and circumvent geo-restrictions is legal. So far, no one has been arrested because of using a VPN to unblock Netflix. Furthermore, no one will even know you’re using a VPN because your internet traffic will be encrypted.

Additionally, it’s in your right to watch content that you have paid for. For instance, if you are a US resident and you have traveled to a country that doesn’t have the catalog you have paid for, there’s nothing wrong in using a VPN to access what’s rightfully yours.

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