Unblock Geo-Restricted YouTube Videos with the Help of a VPN

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“Broadcast Yourself:” YouTube’s slogan is one of the most famous around the Internet, and that is not a coincidence or a casual development. Owned and managed by Google, this large video platform has changed the way we have access to entertainment, education, and leisure on the web. Unblocking YouTube, therefore, becomes a necessity in some cases, as access to specific videos may be restricted because of location.

YouTube allows its visitors to enjoy clips of all kinds, genres, durations, and themes, free of charge and with the additional chance of sharing their favourite videos with the world, give a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down,” comment, and subscribing to famous people’s channels. Regular, non-celebrities can also create their channels and share videos with the world. Anybody can be a “YouTuber”! The user-friendly platform lets netizens customize their favourite content and upload footage at any moment.

Another exciting feature offered by the worldwide famous online platform is YouTube TV. It is a service that allows users to watch and record live streams in up to six accounts. However, it is only offered in five cities, so you would need to spoof your location to access. It could be worth it, though, because YouTube TV provides more than 40 cable channels in a cord-cutting TV streaming deal that costs around $35 per month.

A new venture that started recently is YouTube Red, which hosts its own original movies and TV series. You can enjoy all genres with no commercials, but the service is only available in the United States. If you can unblock YouTube Red from outside America, you would need a VPN. More on that later.

Geoblocking Censorship And Unblock Geo-Restricted Youtube Videos With The Help Of A Vpn