Top 10 Price Monitoring Tools 2022

Do you know what price tracking software or web scraping APIs are the best for your pricing strategy? We’ve put together a list that breaks down the top ten price monitoring tools.

If you haven’t already read how to choose the right competitor price monitoring tools–it’s handy to have nearby to help you navigate this list easily.


Free plan with 10 crawlers
$75 and up for small to enterprise-level plans
CSV, Excel, JSON, MySQL, SQLServer

Octoparse is a potent tool that can optimize and push your data scraping efforts to the next level. The price for the value provides a significant ROI. The free version may even be all you need–run up to ten tasks at a time.

Learn more about web scraping here.

We recommend buying a plan that includes the cloud interface because it provides additional flexibility. You can close out the application and know that Octoparse is running on a server somewhere. A cool feature is the provided multi-export options (CSV, Microsoft excel, txt, Html).

You don’t need to know how to code to use Octoparse, but a little code will get you a long way. Simply knowing xcode shortcuts allows you to create your custom script that will run based on your need—the walkthrough tutorials when you first start. Octoparse support is quick and reliable. 

Untitled 72 × 25 in


14-day free trial
Professional, Premium, and Platinum plans start at $59

  • Smart match
  • Price Violation Detection
  • Recommended Price Suggestions
  • Dynamic Pricing Rules

Prisync helps you keep on top of your price positioning within the market and adjust so that you’re always better priced or in line. You can log in to one portal and see a summary of your price positioning at any given time.

The dashboard’s lovely design is easy to navigate, allowing you to track multiple competitors for each product and displaying a clear summary. It recommends Pricing based on rules you input into the system. You can set it up to email you whenever your most essential products change in price. The support team is always available for any issues you might have. They track your competition’s Pricing and send you an email update every day. Compare it to other similar tools, and it’s the neatest looking, easiest to use, with tremendously generous support services that are most willing to work with your business and accommodate your needs.

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Try it free for 30 days
Flexible plans
Web API connection

  • Price Intelligence
  • Dynamic Repricing
  • Indicate MAP pricing violations
  • Historical price history charts

Price2Spy is the e-commerce software every marketing manager needs.

The customer service is excellent, with an impressive roster of dedicated account managers–they are intelligent and easy to work with. They do not charge extra fees to set up or make minor code adjustments. The Price2Spy dashboard is very intuitive–even though it appears a little out of date–it does not affect the functionality. It’s pretty accurate at matching the correct products, even when dealing with packaging or brand changes. You can even incorporate additional fields into the database and manage multiple currencies.

The cost is competitive with what you get with other price comparison tools without sacrificing functionality or core features. 

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Free demonstration and onboarding
Custom plans ($$$)

  • Benchmarking
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Competitor Price Tracking
  • Custom Pricing Rules
  • Data Import/Export
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Price Forecasting

Get a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of the market at any given time, helping you make well-informed pricing decisions. Competera enables you to increase your company’s sales and be competitive in the market. The dashboard design is excellent.

Receive high-quality, competitive data about actual competitors and get data-driven actionable insights on setting optimal prices across your assortment at any time. Customer care is exceptionally responsive and rapid at addressing requests.

Competera provides custom solutions, and we don’t recommend them for small operations because it can be an expensive entry into price monitoring.

Untitled 72 × 25 in 5


Free demo
Cloud-based pricing suite
E-commerce API

  • Catalogue Intelligence
  • Competitor price monitoring
  • Repricing
  • Ecommerce product monitor
  • Dynamic Pricing

Minderest is a user-friendly price monitoring tool with a rich interface, a responsible and flexible back office team, and great value.

Easily link to your existing infrastructure and have essential data daily on demand. There are several options to update the list of tracked materials without too much admin. Custom material groups flags that allow materials to be organized based on organization-specific business rules without the need to customize the software. Built-in dashboards work pretty fast.

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14-day free trial
Express, Plus, ultimate, and Extreme plans start at $85
Amazon specialist

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Multichannel Pricing
  • Scheduler
  • Repricer

You can be confident that Repricer will reprice your SKUS and keep you in the buy box. Input values and instantly get an accurate picture of your net profit per SKU. You get plenty of information about your product listings, it automatically reprices to keep you competitive, and you can also maintain all SKUs as you change tactics or strategies.

The dashboard is easy-to-use, but it could be more interactive and feature more controls.

Customer service is timely and ready with a solution.

Untitled 72 × 25 in 7

Free 90 minute test run
Standard, Pro, and Corporate plans start at $119

  • Dynamic BI Dashboard
  • Product Intelligence
  • Retail Analytics
  • Channel performance
  • App Builder
  • Product Manager
  • Product Compliance Manager

Dexi’s software makes web automation accessible to people unfamiliar with coding. They can run all custom web automation bots and support third-party services like ReCaptcha solvers and web storage. 

Dexi lacks the advanced functions that you find in other price tracking solutions. The “Dexi” browser has many rough edges that you have to account for when building automation protocol. The API lacks some user-interface etiquette, especially in the robot editor. 

Their support can be slow to respond at times, but they know their stuff. 

Untitled 72 × 25 in 3


Generous free desktop app
Stand, Professional, and Enterprise plans start at $189
CSV, Excel, JSON

Using Parsehub, you can easily extract any information from any website you want and create custom excel files.

This is a cost-effective data solution for smaller businesses. You can scrape an almost unlimited number of datasets for free. Searches are customizable and guarantee accuracy because you’re scraping the site yourself.

Parsehub integrates well on most websites and operating systems and has a solid onboarding flow that quickly gets you up and scraping.

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Free forever plan (but seriously limited)
Personal, Team, and Enterprise plans start at $49
Web automation suite

Apify has a convenient and robust SDK, a stylish user interface for visualizing datasets, communication with clients, overview and configuration, etc.

You can scrape social networks, search engines, and database websites (like Yellowpages) with simple-to-use web scrapers that export data succinctly. Have proxies available if you’re doing large amounts of data.

Apify allows you to set up web scrapers to get reliable data from various resources such as websites and APIs in any convenient format like excel/CSV/HTML tables, JSON, pdf, etc. 

The only complaints are its tedious nature of reloading your cookies, and sometimes you may be waiting days on end for support.  

Untitled 72 × 25 in 8


Free trial
Custom pricing
Web-based suite

  • E-commerce Management
  • Elasticity-based Pricing
  • Market Data Analysis
  • Price Forecasting

Dynamic Pricing is a pricing optimization and automation platform by Omnia that helps you increase your sales by updating prices. It’s excellent for smaller retailers but may not suit the needs of large businesses. The dashboard is easy for anyone to use, with a lot of features and gets frequent updates. Dynamic’s software integrates well with most websites, and the support is fast and knowledgeable. 

Untitled 72 × 25 in 9

So many price monitoring tools

We hope you have enough information about the top price monitoring tools today and how they can help you stay current with competitor pricing. 

If you found this post a little thin on web scraper reviews, you’re not alone–swing back around to our blog for the best web scraping tools in today’s market.

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