The big deal about your IP address

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Your IP address is one of the main components that enable you to connect to the internet. IP is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol, a networking architecture that forms the internet.

What is an IP address?

What Is Ip The Big Deal About Your Ip Address

An IP address is a set of unique numerical identifiers that are assigned to any device that connects to the internet. All the devices you possess that have access to the internet have this unique identifier. Sometimes it’s static, it doesn’t change, or its dynamic, changes depending on the assigning device.

IP addresses form a means of communication with other devices in the network. Without an IP address, there won’t be an interconnection of networks (internet). Besides communication, IP addresses have other properties such they can be used to locate devices (both logical and physical location) on the network, block or allow devices on a network, and even enable devices to access certain resources.

These properties make your IP address a big deal especially when it comes to issues concerning security, privacy, and access to resources. Here are elaborate points on why your IP address is a big deal;

  • Identity

As mentioned earlier, every device on the internet has an IP address (a unique identifier). With the location property, your IP address can be used to pinpoint the location where you are accessing the internet. Besides that, further probing may reveal other confidential details that you don’t want to be exposed to the public. To avoid all this, you need to hide your identity by hiding your IP address.

  • Security; Public Wi-Fi

Besides privacy, your IP address can also be used to sabotage your security. For instance, when connected to a public Wi-Fi, your IP address is visible to other devices that are also connected via the same hotspot. This means anyone can intercept your internet traffic.

Although not everybody is malicious, cybercriminals are always on the lookout to sabotage your security. With few techniques such as MITM attacks, sniffing and spoofing and using some tools, cybercriminals can intercept your internet traffic, analyze it and use the results to wreak havoc. For instance, your internet packets can be analyzed to reveal your username, emails, and respective passwords and what sites you are accessing. This means you will be handing your confidential details to cybercriminals freely.

Besides sabotaging your security, cybercriminals can use your information to propagate more attacks such as identity theft, and you will have a hard time explaining to the authorities before they realize it’s not you. But again you can avoid this situation by making your IP address inaccessible to other people in the network, and we’ll show you how later on (VPN).

  • Restrictions, Streaming, and access to content

As you might have realized, there is some content you can’t have access to on the internet unless you’re in a certain location. This content includes websites such as social media and more popularly streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix, and various sporting events. The more common practice is in schools and institution where some sites are blocked. Mostly, content providers and network admins use some restriction to ensure some locality or individual don’t have access to certain content. Content providers usually rely on geo-location services provided by your IP address. Network admins use other mechanisms such as packet filtering and deep inspection; they also blacklist websites.

  • ISP throttling

Your Internet Service Provider also uses your IP address to propagate some internet injustice known as bandwidth throttling. This injustice essentially involves capping or reducing your internet speed when you’re doing a certain task such as downloading big files or streaming. You might have convinced yourself that maybe your internet is broken or your connection is bad. It’s not the case; it’s your ISP throttling your speed. Some reasons include; your ISP may want you to upgrade to another expensive subscription or even force you to use a service. For instance, if your internet provider has a streaming service, and instead you use Netflix, you will experience buffering and lagging. You can avoid this injustice by making your IP address invisible to your ISP.

Use IPBurger VPN to hide your IP address

Ipburger 3 The Big Deal About Your Ip Address

IPBurger VPN is the simplest and ultimate service that guarantees the security of your IP address as well as hiding your identity. IPBurger VPN uses military grade encryptions – AES 256-bit standard to encrypt your internet traffic. This encryption makes your internet traffic unreadable to any prying eyes such cybercriminals, your ISP and even the government.

When you connect to IPBurger VPN servers, you are assigned a virtual IP address which masks your actual IP address. This, in turn, hides your real location and helps you achieve anonymity.  This makes IPBurger VPN the ultimate solution to use when protecting your identity, security, bypass restrictions and avoid throttling.

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