How to Set up SwitchyOmega With Residential Proxies

Proxy SwitchyOmega allows users to switch proxies. Learn how to use it with IPBurger’s residential proxies!

Many of our customers like them to rotate when it comes to residential proxies. Proxy rotation unlocks unlimited web scraping, among other automation tools that wouldn’t entirely be the same without it. 

IPBurger comes with a slick browser extension and solid proxy management dashboard. It’s actually quite a bit better than SwitchyOmega. But if you’re attached to it or just find SwitchOmega more convenient — this guide shows you how to use it with our residential proxies. 

What is SwitchyOmega?

SwitchyOmega is a browser extension you can use to switch between proxies in a browser environment. 

Basically, you can forget the clumsy manual handling of proxies every time you want to change IPs. Instead, use the functions in SwitchyOmega to automatically handle it. Remember when using this that it will only work in your browser environment, meaning that your applications and other browsers still route through your IP address. 

You can use SwitchyOmega on Chrome and Firefox. Both setups are extremely straightforward. You can set up specific rules, making SwitchyOmega a complete replacement for other proxy rotation engines like Proxifier or FoxyProxy. You can also create multiple profiles on SwitchyOmega, allowing you to manage your web activity based on location and functionality.

What are residential proxies?

Residential proxies are IP addresses from real user devices that you can use to access the web. It’s like using another computer or mobile phone’s identity. You can use as many different ones as you want to when you have access to a pool of residential proxies (like ours).

Unlike datacenter proxies, you can use residential proxies to safely perform various automation tasks without getting flagged by anti-bot security measures on websites. This means you can get higher-quality results while bypassing geo-restrictions. The possibilities for data collection and automation are now endless.

SwitchyOmega + residential proxies = a good time. 

Combining these two activates some interesting superpowers. You can get your hands dirty and enter unlimited sneaker draws to cop limited release jumps. (If you’re into that). As we’ve mentioned before, web scraping no longer has connection limitations, meaning you can continuously scrape data, prices, inventory, competitors, etc., and be truly data intelligent. 

We may be biased towards our own proxy switcher, but this one is A-Okay in our books.

Adding residential proxies to SwitchyOmega.

1. Download and install the SwitchyOmega extension.

2. Click on the Puzzle Piece that opens your browser extension list, find the SwitchyOmega icon and open Options.

3. Click on the New profile button in the Profiles tab.


4. A window will pop up. Write down a name for your proxy profile under Profile Name. For the type of profile, select the Proxy Profile option and hit the Create button.


5. Once the profile page loads, select HTTP under the Protocol column.

6. Next, go to your IPBurger Dashboard and copy and paste your residential proxy information into Server and Port. If you use a Whitelisted IP feature, skip Step 7 of this guide. If not, click on the lock icon.

7. In the pop-up field, type in your Username and Password and press the Save changes button.

8. To apply settings and create a profile for your proxy, click Apply changes under Actions.

9. Your created profile should appear in the proxy list as you access SwitchyOmega through the extension icon.

Once you turn on [System Proxy], you’re ready to go.

if you haven’t had time to check out our residential and fresh IPs, you may want to browse them, so you have something to use with this extension. Remember, IPBurger has a highly-sophisticated proxy manager built into your proxy plan!

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