Public Wi-Fi safety: The do’s and don’ts

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Each time you connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, you increase your chances of being exploited by malicious actors. Whether it’s secure public Wi-Fi, the risks are the same. But with so many and so fast public Wi-Fi hotspots around, there’s no way of getting to the internet without trying one. In this situation, you ought to use the best cyber practices and various security and privacy mechanisms to ensure your internet traffic and data is safe.

Here is a recap on some danger of using public Wi-Fi hotspots;

With just simple tools, malicious actors can access any information they want from public WIFI hotspots. Below are ways in which these tools work;

  • Man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM) – This is the first attack a malicious actors launch when they connect to a public WIFI. In MITM, a malicious actor intercepts your network traffic before it reaches its destination.
  • Spoofing – This is a technique of masquerading or imitating a legitimate entity. For instance, after a MITM attack, a malicious actor can impersonate the receiver and send messages back to you. Malicious actors can even launch a complicated attack; website spoofing. Unsuspecting users will log into/access the website thinking it’s the legitimate one.
  • Snooping – Snooping also referred to as sniffing is a technique malicious actors use to capture your internet traffic in terms of packets and analyze it.
  • Eavesdropping – This is basically listening to what is going on in a certain public WIFI without the user’s knowledge, with the help of snooping, a malicious actor can gain access to your messages and conversations.

With the above techniques, malicious actors can access everything they want in a public Wi-Fi network. To be safe, here are some public Wi-Fi dos and don’ts;

Danger Of Using Public Wi Fi Public Wi-Fi Safety: The Do'S And Don’tsDon’t use public Wi-Fi to access any of your sensitive or confidential data. This usually involves your bank detail and any accounts that contain your personally identifiable information. Malicious actors are usually on alerts when you access certain information or websites. Your information can be used to blackmail you and propagate further attacks such as identity theft and fraud.


Online Shopping Public Wi-Fi Safety: The Do'S And Don’tsDon’t use public Wi-Fi to do your online shopping. This is because