Prevent access to your smartphone data in case you misplace it

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Your smartphone can be the weakest link in your security and privacy when not protected properly. Smartphones store massive data, information, most of the accounts you use daily and to make it worse they access the internet. Using a VPN, antivirus software and other security mechanisms ensure your smartphone is secure.

Besides protecting your smartphones against internet threats, you also need to protect it against other offline threats such as theft or in case you misplace it and can’t find it. In this scenario, prevention is better than a cure – protecting your smartphone and its information if you ever misplace it or it gets stolen. Below are some tips to protect your smartphone before the inevitable happens;

Lockyourphone Prevent Access To Your Smartphone Data In Case You Misplace ItAlways lock your smartphone.

Smartphones have various ways you can use to prevent unauthorized access to them and your data. They include pins, passwords, passcodes, and biometrics – fingerprint and FaceID. But most people simply choose not to use these locking mechanisms, and this makes their sensitive data such as contacts, SMS, emails and other accounts vulnerable in case they misplace their phone.

Nosavingpasswordstogoogle Prevent Access To Your Smartphone Data In Case You Misplace It