Can You Make Money Doing Online Surveys in 2022?

Can you make money doing online surveys?

Yeah…but I don’t want to sell you on that.

I think you’re worth more.

Plus, they’re really cracking down on slave labor these days.

Let me put it another way:

How much are you worth?

Ten, twenty, seventy dollars an hour?

Most survey sites won’t come close to paying you that.

So really – you’re losing money.

But there is a way to make higher rates with paid surveys.

Read this guide and promise yourself to refuse any offers that don’t value your time.

Learn how to find the best survey sites and proxy services to maximize your earnings.

There are a lot of survey sites and proxy services out there, but not all of them are worth your time. It’s essential to find the best ones to maximize your earnings. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Do your research.

There are a lot of review websites out there that can help you figure out which sites are worth your time. Look for high-paying jobs, and beware of scams. Many review sites require a minimum balance to withdraw payment – and never allow you to make that minimum.

Use proxies.

The best survey-type jobs require applicants from specific countries. One way survey sites filter applicants is by their IP address. You won’t get the job if you say you’re from the US but have an IP address from Botswana. Even worse, they may ban you from using their platform. (Nothing against Botswanians) Residential proxies not only allow you to hide your IP address but use real, local IP addresses from anywhere in the world.

Be selective.

You may have to signup to dozens of survey sites to begin. Each one will notify you of new survey opportunities, or you may have to visit their dashboard once a week and check for updates. You will not have hours and hours of work, but you can find one or two surveys per week that meet your pay scale. It’s better to work ten $30 hours than a hundred $1 hours. Not only does the first option pay more, but you’re left with ninety more hours to invest in yourself.

Stay organized.

All of the hours spent looking for surveys and filling in your details aren’t paid for. So make them count. Use a separate email address for surveys and keep all the sites you use on an excel sheet. You want to get to the level where a 30-minute survey only takes you 30 minutes – instead of clicking around and wasting time.

Branch out.

Surveys aren’t going to satisfy you. Truth be told, there are limited surveys out there that pay well, and they don’t always have a steady flow of surveys and tasks. Look into signing up for focus group studies, product reviews, and micro-tasks on freelance websites. Now that you have proxies, more opportunities are open to you.

Discover how survey sites can identify proxies and what you can do to avoid detection.

Proxy users are individuals who use someone else’s computer or Internet connection to conceal their own identity. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as avoiding censorship or monitoring, accessing blocked websites, or simply hiding one’s location. While proxy users can provide valuable anonymity for themselves and others, they can also be detected by survey sites.

You can learn more about it here, but the idea is that anyone can see what your IP address is. This is important to consider because survey sites can distinguish between the data center and residential proxies. While residential proxies will keep you safe because they look like a regular user, data center proxies are clearly not coming from a real user.

As long as your stick with high-quality residential proxies, you’ll never have problems with detection.

Get tips and tricks for using survey sites and proxy services to make the most money possible.

Survey sites and proxy services can be great ways to make extra money online. By using these tools, you can increase your earnings potential by taking advantage of special offers and by completing more surveys. In addition, using a proxy service can help you to get around survey site restrictions that limit the number of surveys you can take each day.

If you do want to take higher volumes of online surveys, a residential proxy will allow you to get exposure to surveys anywhere in the world. By using rotating residential proxies, it’s possible to have more than one account on the more generous online survey sites. That way you can capitalize on the surveys that pay the best, without compromising on the amount of volume you’d like to see.

How residential proxies can help you take surveys more easily.

Residential IPs can help you take surveys more easily by providing you with a stable and secure connection. If you have to restart surveys while you’re halfway through them, that will cost you time, and lower your hourly rate.

Residential proxies give you access to higher-paying surveys that are usually reserved for certain demographics. Even when it comes to focus groups and private interviews, you may be disqualified just because your IP address is from a different country.

Lastly, having access to networks of residential IP addresses allows you to take many more online surveys where the pay is higher.

What about VPNs and free proxies for surveys?

I put both VPNs and free proxies in the same boat because neither will work for taking surveys online. VPNs tend to use data center proxies, and free proxies are just not a good idea.

Don’t believe me?

Check out this post about how free proxies aren’t really free.

Tired of being blocked and banned?

Get the free guide that will show you exactly how to use proxies to avoid blocks, bans, and captchas in your business.

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