How to Jig Your Address and Absolutely Murk Sneaker Drops

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jig your address

You’ve figured out how to use sneaker bots and proxies to cop multiple shoes at sneaker releases and raffles, but that leaves you with a bit of a dilemma..

You need to figure out how to look like a different customer for each checkout. Otherwise, your order will be cancelled.

You’ll need:

  • Phone number jigs
  • Email address jigs
  • Shipping/Billing address jigs
  • Credit card number jigs
  • IP address jigs

Faking a couple of customer profiles is no big deal, but if you get serious into the sneaker resale game – you need many more than just a few.

In this post, I’ll show you how jigging your address can help you buy multiple pairs from sneaker websites.

First, we’ll go through the different ways to jig, and then which jig you’ll need for each sneaker retailer.

The Home Address Jig.

You can use your friends’ and fams’ addresses, and that’s all fine and gravy. However, if you’re gonna be a sneaker monster you’ll need a heck of a lot more.

 jig your address, there are four different ways to do it:

  • 4 Letter Jig – Here you just add four random letters in front of the address (HGFM 4040 Elmwood Blvd).
  • Numbers Jig –Toss a handful of random numbers after the address (123 Elmwood Blvd 26562).
  • Apartment Jig – Only use this one if you DO NOT live in an apartment building. Otherwise, someone else will get your kicks. For this one, just add a random apartment number (123 Test Street, Apt. #3).
  • On/At Jig – Here you just add ‘on’ or ‘at’ between the street number and the street itself (123 on/at Elmwood Blvd).

The Email Jig.

Untitled Design 2 How To Jig Your Address And Absolutely Murk Sneaker Drops

*Is not when you get up and dance after receiving a life-changing email.

On the contrary, it’s when you create multiple Gmail accounts for each billing profile.

  1. You’ll need one email for each billing profile.
  2. The email should match the billing name (try to be a little thoughtful for the sake of looking legit). A thoughtful email address for the profile of a Peter Parker would be something like spidermanheartsjorda[email protected], and not something lame like [email protected].

Catchall Email Accounts

If you register a domain name like, you have the ability to create many email addresses with the suffix

This is handy because you can set the incoming mail of every address to redirect to one inbox.

However, it’s possible that this can raise some eyebrows on sneaker retailer sites because it may not be a coincidence that thirty employees at all were dead-set on buying the same sneaks at the same drop.

So while starting out, I recommend that you stick with Gmail accounts to limit your exposure to possible reasons why any orders fail.

The Phone Number Jig

You know when you get the number of the gal (or guy) you like and feel like dancing inside…

Untitled Design 3 How To Jig Your Address And Absolutely Murk Sneaker Drops
How To Jig Your Address And Absolutely Murk Sneaker Drops 4

Well this is completely different, and a smidge easier to pull-off.

You need to use a different phone number for each customer profile, but you can just make it up – as long as the area code matches the billing address.

One situation where you cannot make it up is when you need to text to confirm something. In this case you can use a text verification company.

The Credit Card Jig.

Ever pay off credit card debt and feel happy in your feet?

Untitled Design 68 How To Jig Your Address And Absolutely Murk Sneaker Drops
How To Jig Your Address And Absolutely Murk Sneaker Drops 5

Me neither, I usually close the account and use cash only for the next few months of life as some sort of atonement for delinquent spending habits.

What I’m really referring to here is manifesting a unique credit card number for each customer profile.

Your best option to jig credit cards is with Capital One or Citi Bank. Both banks have the option to create virtual credit cards (VCCs) that link to your main account. 

You can create dozens of credit cards a week if you so desire.

The only drawback is that each card is locked to a specific website – which isn’t so bad because you can just cancel them faster than you can make them.

From the perspective of a sneaker site, each bank-born VCC looks like a real and unique credit card which affords the highest level of credibility. (Not surprising from a credit card)

Other options include money transfer apps like Revolut, Curve APP, Starling, Monzo, or if you are in the US you can use Privacy. These work well enough, but sometimes do trigger order cancellations because they have lower qualifications as an ‘honest’ customer.

The IP Address Jig.

I have nothing funny to say about this one. Proxies are serious, man.

You should use a different IP address to create each customer account if you really want to fly under the radar. It’s not totally necessary, and a great alternative is to use residential proxies. Residential proxies hold a lot of trust with online retailers because they appear to be just another person.

You will need to use proxies for your sneaker bot too while you cop, otherwise you put your accounts at risk and lose out on opportunities to cook.

Where to do the jigs.

Now that we’ve covered the different jigs you may need to effectively cop sneakers, let’s look at what jigs you need for different retailers.

Yeezy Supply

Yeezy supply is one of the easiest jigs you’re going to have to do. All you really need to do is change up the credit card every so often.

For less limited drops, you can even use the same customer profile. But if you’re aiming for the rare releases – it’s best to cover your bases and use multiple profiles.

  • VCCs (Privacy and Revolut)
  • Phone numbers (Random number, they never call to check)
  • Emails (catchall or Gmail is fine)


Nike is tough. You’ll need to use everything you’ve got.

  • VCCs (Capital One and Citi is possible)
  • Phone numbers (Text confirmation when creating accounts)
  • Emails (Creative and thoughtful Gmails)
  • Home Address (Four letter jig)
  • IP address (Use residential proxies while you create each Nike account)


Shopify is also a tough cookie and you will find many of the extremely hyped releases here.

  • VCCs (Any will do)
  • Phone numbers (Random, they don’t check)
  • Emails (Catchall or Gmail are fine)
  • Home address (Four letter jig)
  • IP Address (Use residential proxies to create each account and run bots)


It’s relatively low-maintenance here. If you want to cop the same sneakers from different footsites, there are no limitations. You’ll only need to change your phone number, email, and credit card every once in awhile.

  • VCCs (Any)
  • Phone numbers (Random with matching area code)
  • Emails (Any)
  • You don’t need to change your shipping address


You’ll need to be on your A-game here.

  • VCCs
  • Phone numbers (Random with matching area code)
  • Emails (Any)
  • Home address (four letter and apartment jig)
  • IP address (Use residential proxies to create each account)

For any other sites, you should follow all the jigs as a precaution. If you have the time and want to explore what you can get away with – be my guest.

The most important thing you will need regardless of any jigging is your proxies. Without a proper sneaker proxy setup, you’ll be hard-pressed to get away with any sort of automated advantage.

The best all-round proxies to use are rotating residential proxies.

  • Set up sneaker profiles from any location with a seemingly unlimited number of IP addresses.
  • Prevent account blocks.
  • Increase the amount of tasks you can run on each sneaker release.
  • User friendly and requires no copying and pasting of IP lists.
  • Relatively fast.