How to watch worldwide content on Amazon Fire TV

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Amazon devices; Fire TV and Fire Stick are one of the best streaming devices for cord cutters and anyone seeking to revolutionize home entertainment. These devices are sleek and pack powerful streaming specs such as HD support and installation of streaming apps. For cord cutters, watching live TV, TV shows, movies, and sporting events have been made easy. All you need is the right app, and there are a plethora of apps Such as Netflix and Hulu. You can also play games on these devices. Most importantly, to make them a holy grail of streaming, you need to beat restrictions and gain access to worldwide content.

Geo-Restrictions and Fire TV content

Despite Fire TV and Fire Stick devices being available in lots of countries, content to watch on these devices has not yet crossed boundaries. Copyrights and licenses have made it difficult for Fire TV and Fire Stick owners to enjoy the content. Sometimes it’s even unfair when you have paid for the content. For instance, you might have a Hulu subscription, but if you travel out of the US, you won’t get access to your content. All this is due to the content distribution agreements that bar you from getting the services you have paid for. But you can bypass all these and get access to your content using a VPN -IPBurger VPN on your Fire TV devices.

Steps on how to watch worldwide content on Amazon Fire TV using IPBurger VPN

  1. Sign up for IPBurger VPN account
  2. Download and install the right VPN app for your device – Use the Android instructions; they also work for Fire Stick.
  3. Open the VPN app, log in, and connect to a server.
  4. Confirm if you have the IP address of the server you have chosen.
  5. Launch your favorite streaming service/ app and watch worldwide content without restriction.

IPBurger VPN bypasses geo-restrictions

Any streaming service or App you use on your Amazon TV or Fire Stick will always check your IP address before allowing you to stream. Your IP address is then used to determine your location, which further determines if you are allowed to watch certain content. If for instance, you are accessing an American service which is restricted in the US, you will get an error message if you are not in the US.

However, with IPBurger VPN, you can overcome these restrictions easily and quickly. IPBurger VPN creates a secure tunnel through which your internet traffic is tunneled via a selected VPN server. This VPN server assigns you a new virtual IP address which masks your actual IP address. This new IP address also spoofs your location. Example, if you choose a US VPN server, you get a US IP address.

IPBurger VPN also provides dedicated IP addresses. These IP addresses are not shared by other users, and this makes them reliable for streaming services.

Besides tunneling, IPBurger VPN also has other accrued benefits. They include giving you unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds suitable for streaming HD content without buffering and lagging.

Wrap up

To watch worldwide content on Amazon Fire TV, all you need is a reputable VPN such as IPBurger VPN. Additionally, other than the accrued benefits, IPBurger VPN also gets you the required level of security and privacy. Some streaming apps on Amazon Fire TV and Fire Sticks may have content from pirated streams, and that can get you into the wrong side of the law.

Disclaimer: We do not encourage using IPBurger VPN to stream content from pirated streams. This is just an educational article.

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