How to Watch World Series Live around the Globe

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Baseball is more than just a sport. It is America’s pastime, and it has been played professionally in the country since the late 19th century. As we are well into the new millennium, the sport has transcended borders and is now followed by millions of people worldwide.

Aside from the United States of America, baseball is also a big thing in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Venezuela, the Netherlands (especially Aruba and Curazao,) and even Italy.

The United States boasts the most prominent baseball league, MLB – Major League Baseball. People from all over the world express their interest in following the circuit’s highlights, results, top plays, and, especially, the World Series.

Openingsoon How To Watch World Series Live Around The GlobeThe Fall Classic is getting closer!

The Fall Classic is right around the corner! We are still in August, but teams are already making their bids to enter the 2018 Major League Baseball (MLB) postseason, which will be played in October.

The 2018 World Series will feature the top ball clubs in the National and American Leagues. Right now, the Boston Red Sox hold the best record in the circuit at 88-37. The club, led by Mookie Betts and JD Martinez, is pushing for its first championship ring since 2013.

However, the Houston Astros, Oakland Athletics (74-49,) the Cleveland Indians (71-52,) and even the New York Yankees (78-46) threaten to end Boston’s dream in the American League with their dominant play.

The landscape is much more competitive in the National League. The Philadelphia Phillies and the Atlanta Braves are vying for the top spot in the Eastern division after a quick rebuild for each franchise, while the Chicago Cubs, the Milwaukee Brewers, and even the Saint Louis Cardinals are battling for the Central Division first place.

The NL West also hosts a tight race for the top place and, ultimately, a playoff berth: the Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks are tied in the first with a 68-56 record, and last year’s runner-ups Los Angeles Dodgers lurk around at two games back.

The Houston Astros are the defending champions after they defeated the Dodgers in the maximum of seven games last year. Outfielder George Springer was named the World Series MVP after a stellar performance.

World Series 2018 Full Schedule:

  • Game 1: Tuesday, October 23, 2018
  • Game 2: Wednesday, October 24, 2018
  • Game 3: Friday, October 26, 2018
  • Game 4: Saturday, October 27, 2018
  • Game 5: Sunday, October 28, 2018
  • Game 6: Tuesday, October 30, 2018
  • Game 7: Wednesday, October 31, 2018

World Series won by the team

Teams                                                          Series wins        

New York Yankees (AL)                                 27

St. Louis Cardinals (NL)                                 11

Oakland Athletics (AL)                                  9

San Francisco Giants (NL)                            8

Boston Red Sox (AL)                                      8

Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)                            6

Cincinnati Reds (NL)                                      5

Pittsburgh Pirates (NL)                                 5

Detroit Tigers (AL)                                          4

Chicago Cubs (NL)                                          3

Atlanta Braves (NL)                                        3

Baltimore Orioles (AL)                                  3

Minnesota Twins (AL)                                   3

Chicago White Sox (AL)                                3

Philadelphia Phillies                                      2

Cleveland Indians (AL)                                  2

New York Mets (NL, 1962)                           2

Kansas City Royals (AL, 1969)                     2

Miami Marlins (NL, 1993)                            2

Toronto Blue Jays (AL, 1977)                      2

Houston Astros                                              1

Los Angeles Angels                                        1

Arizona Diamondbacks                                1

Mlbontv How To Watch World Series Live Around The GlobeWorld Series and television

Naturally, the MLB garners interest from several countries around the world. Viewership numbers in America are always very high, but other places keep up with all the action via online streaming.

Fox is going to broadcast the 2018 MLB World Series, both via cable or satellite television or online streaming. However, if you can’t access the network in your location, there are other options, too.

Another way of enjoying the best of the World Series online is by having an paid a subscription. Remember that the Fox Sports Go app is also a useful tool to watch the Fall Classic online.

Here are some of the services that may allow you to stream the World Series:

fuboTV: It has a feed for your local Fox channel.

Sling TV: It has Fox if you choose the Sling Blue or Sling Orange + Blue plans. The Orange itself doesn’t have the channel.

PlayStation Vue: It also has Fox, although it is a bit pricier than Sling.

Hulu with Live TV: It also includes Fox, making it possible to watch the World Series online.

YouTube TV: It also comes with Fox. It is available in 49 of the top 50 markets of the US.

Bypassing geo-restrictions

In this article, you have seen several networks and streaming sites that have access to Fox’s signal, which means that you may be able to watch the World Series online. However, and since Fox is an American channel, it is only available for US residents.

Fox, like numerous other networks and channels, designs its content only for people in America, its host nation, to enjoy. That is why it doesn’t allow foreign connections and will block them immediately by recognizing their IP address from another area. That is called geo-blocking.

However, with a location spoofing app such as a VPN, it is possible to borrow an American IP address to enter the Fox streaming channel, and the Fox Sports Go app from any country in the planet.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are apps that can reroute all your traffic and IP address to remote servers, away from Internet Service Providers, hackers, governmental surveillance agencies, and other external agents on the web. And, since they can mask your real IP number and lend you one from a different nation, you will be able to “virtually” connect as a citizen of a different country.

If you want to watch Fox online, or the Fox Sports Go app, from anywhere, all you have to do is hire a VPN service and connect to an American server. That way, you will enjoy the hottest moments of this year’s World Series! IPBurger is an up-and-coming VPN brand with virtual servers in the United States and the ability to let users stream the Fall Classic, just as if they were in the venue.

How to watch the World Series online from anywhere with a VPN

  • Hire a VPN provider that has servers in America.
  • Go to that VPN’s website.
  • Register for the VPN service, providing your name, email, and preferred payment method.
  • Create a username and a password.
  • Download and install the VPN app in your device.
  • Launch the VPN app.
  • Sign in with your newly-created credentials.
  • Connect to an American server.
  • Open the Fox Sports Go app.
  • Watch the World Series online from anywhere without geographical restrictions.

In conclusion, the MLB World Series is among the most viewed sporting events in the whole planet. Baseball’s popularity has been steadily growing in the last few years, and the American and international audiences love watching two teams giving all they have to conquer the trophy and the respective championship ring.

The Fox network is the one with broadcasting rights, and it is only available in the United States for geographical reasons. To watch the World Series online from any location, hire a reliable VPN like IPBurger and connect to an American server.

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