How to watch TV without cable

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Cable TV is one of the most popular ways of viewing content. But since the advent of internet availability everywhere, Cable TV has proven to be expensive as compared to other ways of watching the same TV content. And that’s the reason why everyone has been cord cutting and streaming instead.

But before you cut the cord, there are a few things to consider besides the internet and streaming devices. They include;

  • What content you want – Cable TV always includes channels that offer content according to their channel guide. Without the right equipment or subscription, you have no control over what to watch. Cutting the cord, on the other hand, gives you control on what you want, provided you do it the right way.
  • Live viewing experience – Cable TV and cord cutting provide different viewing experience which depends on other things too.

Besides the above considerations, streaming is the best solution to watch TV without cable. Streaming is always available where there’s internet, which is almost everywhere in the world.

But there are some huddles too, and we’ll show you how to get rid of them.

Watch Local Channels Without Cable while abroad

While going on vacation, or a business trip abroad, you will surely miss your favorite shows and other local content. Luckily, most of these local channels are freely available online, and you can access them if you have the internet. Unfortunately, most of the content aired on the local channels are tailored towards a local audience, and license and distribution agreements restrict most of it. This makes the local content unavailable to the outside world. Due to this geo-restrictions, you will always get streaming errors while trying to watch your favorite local content. To bypass this restriction, you need a reputable VPN such as IPBurger VPN.

Ways to watch local Channels Online

Most local channels have a live stream website where you can watch your favorite content. Most of them may require a free sign up. Other just give you the live stream access without any signup.

The other common way of accessing the local channels is by downloading their streaming, mobile apps.  You can also download other IPTV apps that provide all locals TV channels. Most of them don’t require any signup.

How to watch TV without cable using IPBurger VPN

Ipburger 2 How To Watch Tv Without Cable

IPBurger VPN provides you with a virtual IP address that also spoofs your location. With servers in popular cities, you can spoof your location and watch any local channel content you want. IPBurger VPN also offers Dedicated IP addresses which are best for unblocking streaming services which blacklist VPNs

Here are the steps to watch your local channels abroad with IPBurger VPN;

  • Sign up for IPBurger VPN account
  • Download and install the right VPN app for your device
  • Open the VPN app, log in, and connect to a server.
  • Confirm if you have the IP address of the server you have chosen
  • Launch your favorite streaming service/ app and watch your local channels without any hassles.

Video on Demand Streaming services

Video On Demand How To Watch Tv Without Cable

Watching TV without cable is not complete without having subscriptions to video on demand streaming services. A most popular video on demand services includes Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, among others. These services are tailored to offer movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other packages might include live TV and sports streaming. Regardless of the service, geo-restrictions also apply to them. To watch all the content you have paid for, unlock it by using the steps above.

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