How to stream Hulu TV shows outside the US

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Hulu is a popular US-based streaming service that offers a wide variety of entertainment content and video on demand services. It’s also a good alternative if you’re planning to ditch your cable or satellite service. With Hulu, you can stream movies, TV shows, lots of Live TV channels, as well as sports content. Similar to other streaming services, Hulu also practices geo-restrictive measures. To watch Hulu content, you require a Hulu account and also be a US resident.

With the geo-restrictions, it can be very frustrating if you have a Hulu subscription and you have traveled outside the US. This is somehow unfair as you will miss what you have paid for. But like other online streaming services, you can bypass Hulu’s geo-restriction and stream Hulu TV shows outside the US with the help of a premium VPN.

Use a VPN to stream Hulu TV shows outside the US

A VPN is the most preferred and recommended way to stream Hulu TV shows while you are outside the US. Besides being a privacy and security tool, a VPN has other accrued benefits such as bypassing geo-restrictions. A VPN does this by encrypting all your internet traffic and tunneling it through a selected server until it reaches its destination. The selected server assigns you virtual IP address which masks your actual IP address, and this, in turn, spoofs your geolocation with that of the virtual IP address. In your case, you will select a US server and Hulu will be tricked that you’re in the US.

Hulu’s VPN crackdown

Like Netflix and other streaming services, Hulu has been conducting a crackdown on proxies, DNS un-blockers, and VPNs. Mainly, Hulu has been blocking VPN IP addresses that have multiple connections, Shared IP addresses – this is what most VPNs offer. The result; only a few reputable VPNs can gain access to Hulu and let you stream your content.

Stream Hulu TV shows using IPBurger VPN

Ipburger 3 How To Stream Hulu Tv Shows Outside The Us

IPBurger VPN is a premier VPN you can use to stream Hulu TV shows if you have traveled outside the US. To use IPBurger VPN and stream your favorite Hulu content, proceed as follows;

  • Sign up with IPBurger VPN service.
  • Download and install the right VPN app for your device.
  • Launch the app, sign in and connect to a US server.

, The next step is to sit back and launch the Hulu app or use your browser to catch up with your favorite shows.

Non-US residents

Things are a bit complicated if you are not a US resident; to sign up for a Hulu account, you need a US credit card and other US details.

Fortunately, there’s a workaround too – All you need to do is buy a Hulu gift card from anywhere you are. This will allow you to create an account while skipping the credit card part. You might also need a US phone number and address; you can get both for free online. You’ll then need to connect IPBurger VPN to a US server and go to to redeem your gift card and proceed with creating your account. Bear in mind that the gift cards are a bit expensive and in this case you’re paying for convenience.

Why IPBurger VPN

IPBurger VPN is the best for streaming Hulu TV shows outside the US due to various reasons. First, IPBurger VPN provides dedicated IP addresses; your chances of getting blocked by Hulu when using a dedicated IP address are minimal. IPBurger VPN also provides a seamless streaming experience as it offers unlimited bandwidth and lightning speeds; no more buffering or lagging while streaming your favorite content. Lastly, IPBurger VPN uses strong encryptions, and no one will be able to snoop into its secure tunnel, not even Hulu blocking mechanisms will know you are using a VPN.

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