How To Make Money on eBay Without Selling Anything

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How to make money without selling anything!

That sounds ridiculous, right?

If you’re like most people, you probably think that making money revolves around selling products or offering specialized services.

Well, that’s right! 

But what if you don’t have any products to sell? Or you lack excellent marketing skills needed to turn your skills into a profitable service business?

Wouldn’t you make enough money to handle the bill?

You can still make money — and you can make money on eBay without selling anything!

Yes, you read that right!

Unlike the traditional eBay marketing technique where you need to open an online store, create compelling product listing, and use a bunch of subtle marketing techniques, these techniques are pretty straightforward — and you don’t need to sell/manage an eBay store to make some cash from it.

Here’s how to do just that…

  1. Buy at a discount price and sell higher

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There are two simple ways of doing this — you can either use speculative bidding or shop around and purchase at a discount rate.

For speculative bidders, you’ve got to comb through lots of pages and place multiple bids for some specific items.

From the laws of averages, you’re more likely to hit a couple of good bids.

Alternatively, you can purchase items at a discount rate. This is particularly relevant to folks who are experienced eBay buyers.

Here’s how it works…

As an experienced eBay buyer, you probably know the nitty-gritty about how things work in the marketplace.

You get to take advantage of your knowledge to secure some good deals!

By having a good knowledge of how to buy items at a discount price, you get to purchase quality items from eBay at the lowest possible rate and sell it offline at a much higher price.

Sounds cool, right?

You get to make more money from the platform without going through the rigorous process of the eBay marketplace.

Pro tip: The higher you sell the item, the more money you get to generate from the sales.

Therefore, you should be pretty good at selling and marketing offline.

For instance, if you know someone who’s looking for an iPod, you get to search through the eBay marketplace, find an iPod for like $100, contact the person, and sell the same product for $135.

That’s a whopping $35 profit!

It’s easy money! Isn’t it?

Yes, the buyer would want to bargain with you, but you’ve got to hold steady and stick to your guns.

For this process to work pretty well, you’ve got to build some level of trust with the buyer. This way, you can ask for payment upfront.

That is, you get to make money without really spending some cash.


That’s your eureka idea, run with it!

2. Join eBay Partner Network

Image1 How To Make Money On Ebay Without Selling Anything

eBay affiliate marketing program is pretty straightforward — you get paid by sending leads to the platform.

In simpler terms, you’re the middle man. And your role as the middle man is to connect sellers to buyers. 

You get paid when the transaction is complete.

The affiliate materials would help you get started and also enable you to make money as an affiliate partner successfully.

Getting Started as an Affiliate Partner

To become an affiliate partner, you’d have to sign up as a regular member of the eBay marketplace.

Here’s the thing; you can’t gain the juicy benefits of the affiliate marketing program without becoming a registered user of the eBay platform.

Also, you’d need to register at Commission Junction.

Signing up at Commission Junction is the only reliable means of monitoring affiliate activities like registration, transaction, banners, and links.

Registration is usually free. And once you’re registered, you get to promote products from eBay.

Unlike other affiliate programs in several online marketplaces, approval on the eBay platform is pretty quick and straightforward. 

Aside from the setup and registration process, you’ve got to understand how the payment (or commission) structure works.

Generating commissions can be done in two ways:

  • Lead payment
  • Sale payment

Lead Payment

When you drive leads to eBay, and any of the leads bid on a product within 30 days of registration, then you’d get the payment of $5 per lead.

Here’s the thing; the present payment structure may change anytime soon. But as of the time of this writing, it’s $5 per lead.

To get real-time information about the structure changes, you’ve got to regularly visit the eBay’s affiliate program FAQ page.

Sale Payment

Affiliate partners are paid $.05 whenever a user bids on an item within 30 days. Ideally, the user has to use the affiliate link to bid on the item.

When a visitor lands on the platform, cookies are dropped. And if the user places a bid within 30 days, the affiliate partner gets paid.

Yes, it’s that simple!

To generate enough money from eBay’s affiliate partner system, you’ve got to be pretty good at marketing.

If you’re a newbie, then you’ve got to learn some essential affiliate marketing skills.

When you’ve got the hang of the various marketing strategies, you can head off to promote products.

There are various product promotion techniques — you could opt for content marketing, search engine optimization, or use of classified ads

Since banners are known to trigger interactions and improve conversions, you should place them on your website and see how it goes.

If you’re quite knowledgeable and got some marketing experience, you may skip the placement of banner, fancy ads, and dive right into search engine marketing.

Okay, using the eBay affiliate program sounds juicy, but why should you consider it in the first place?

It’s pretty simple! 

eBay puts in lots of efforts to market their affiliate programs — the same cannot be said for other online marketplaces.

The company uses traditional contents like newsletters to market their program. They also use search contents to push it out to the public.

Therefore, if you’re looking for an easy way of making money without doing much on your part, the eBay affiliate program is the way to go.

The best part…

You can become an affiliate partner, promote products, and get paid even if you don’t have a website.

Too good to be true, right?

But it’s true!

Here’s the simple strategy to help you start…

Use pay per click advertising

If you’re not pretty good with paid Ads, you may lose some money. Therefore, before using paid Ads, you’ve got to carefully calculate your return on investment to identify if you’d be generating enough profit.

What’s more, you get to use the Flexible Destination Tool, a tool which supports the customization of the product’s affiliate links. This way, you get to create compelling Ads which will, in turn, lead to better Ad conversion.

All in all, eBay affiliate program is outstanding. It allows you to make a significant income without dealing with the back and forth issues that are associated with selling online.

3. Become a Middleman

One of the most excellent ways of generating enough money from a business is by becoming a middleman. And if you want to dive right into it quickly, you should opt for dropshipping.

Here’s the thing; you’ve got to do some selling for this strategy to pan out, but the sales technique is pretty simple — and you don’t need advanced tricks to pull it off.

Here are a couple of benefits of becoming a middleman…

  • No capital requirements.
  • No need to stock up lots of products.
  • No need to get involved in product shipping.

The concept of dropshipping is pretty simple — you act as the middleman who connects the suppliers to your network of buyers.

To maximize your reach and get the most out of your sales process, you’ve got to advertise the products on your website or eBay account. 

When a purchase is made, you’d facilitate the necessary arrangement between the supplier and the buyer — and get compensated for your work.

4. Become an assistant seller

This is an ideal route for previous eBay sellers who would not want to leave their account inactive. Before opting for an assistant seller, you must have been a reputable eBay seller.

The concept is pretty straightforward — invite non-eBay sellers to sell items on your account.

They get to sell items temporarily, and you get rewarded for every item sold.

Sound cool, right?

But it isn’t all rosy as you’d have to take care of administrative tasks like image posting. 

All in all, becoming an assistant seller is an easy way of generating a good chunk of cash.

5. Manage an affiliate products website

Managing an affiliate products website is arguably the most natural way of making money without selling anything.

You’ve got to merely promote the products on a website, and drive more traffic by using keyword-targeted content.

6. Use VPN services

Ipb How To Make Money On Ebay Without Selling AnythingIpb How To Make Money On Ebay Without Selling Anything

If you’ve not signed up for VPN services, then you’re losing big time!

Every day, thousands of legit eBay users lose their account due to reasons that are simply out of their control.

But that shouldn’t be you — you can do more and avoid such tragedy by signing up for a dedicated fresh VPN service.

Here’s the thing; if you’re running an online business, or you intend to make money online, then you’d use PayPal at some point. And if you think that the board chairman and CEO of PayPal are all saints, then you should ask these folks who lost their PayPal account for an unexplained reason.

Yes, it’s tough! But you can avoid such a nightmare.