How to get rid of error 4601 on Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime is Amazon’s video service that offers videos on demand over the internet. The service offers a wide variety of content including Amazon Originals, popular TV shows and movies, and other licensed content.

Amazon Prime video content is available in some countries and similar to Netflix, the content catalog offered in these countries differ from one another. For instance, Content available in the US might be missing in the UK and other countries. But there are some shows and movies which you can watch from any location that Amazon prime is available.

Amazon Prime error 4601

You are likely to encounter the Amazon prime 4601 error when streaming from abroad or using a VPN IP or proxy that has been blocked by Amazon.

This is a geo-restriction error, and when you see it, it means you have tried to stream content that is not available in your region.

As mentioned earlier, some Amazon content is license specific, and its distribution in some locations is prohibited. For Amazon to adhere to the license agreements, it implements geo-restrictions.

Missing your favorite shows can be annoying, especially if you have traveled abroad. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get rid of this error and enjoy your content without restrictions.

How to get rid of error 4601 on Amazon Prime

To get rid of this Amazon Prime error, you need to trick the video service by spoofing your location. For instance, if you want to watch Amazon UK and you are not in the UK, you have to make Amazon believe that you are in the UK. This is achievable by using a UK IP address.

Steps of getting rid of Error 4601 on Amazon:

1. Sign up for IPBurger VPN account

Choose the Dedicated or Fresh VPN subscription. Either of these subscriptions gives you a Dedicated IP address. Streaming services always block VPNs, but with a Dedicated VPN IP address, your chances of getting blocked are minimal.

2. Download and install the right VPN app for your device

After signing up, download the right VPN application for your platform and install it. You can log into the application but don’t connect to any server yet.

3. Check Your IP Address

Before connecting to any IPBurger VPN server, check your IP address and note it down. This will help you confirm later if you have really changed your IP address when you’ll enable the VPN connection.

4. Enable your IPBurger VPN connection

Connect to a VPN server that corresponds to the location you want to watch the content from. For instance, if you want to watch Amazon Prime UK, connect to a UK server.

5. Confirm your IP address

As you did in step three, recheck your IP address. If it’s different from the one you noted down before, then you are good to go. The new IP should also indicate your spoofed location, i.e., if you connected to the UK, the website should show you’re in the UK.

6. Launch Amazon Prime and start streaming

Visit the Amazon prime website, enter your credentials, and access your favorite content without facing any problems, including the 4601 error.

Wrap up

Streaming services such as Amazon Prime actively block VPNs, but with a Dedicated VPN IP address from IPBurger, your chances of getting blocked are minimal. This is because your IP address is yours alone and it’s not shared by other users. IPBurger VPN also offers unlimited bandwidth with lightning speeds. You won’t face any buffering or lagging problems when using IPBurger VPN.

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