Here’s Why you need a No Log VPN

Various people on the internet don’t respect your privacy. They don’t take your security seriously. As a matter of fact, most organizations seek to capitalize on your data by violating your privacy. By using trackers, your real data, and even accessing personally identifying information, these organizations can create your profile and use it for profit making at your expense. Other malicious people will use your data for identity fraud, blackmail and even demand ransom.

Who can access your online data?

Several entities have access to your data;

  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – Your ISPs monitor everything you do on the internet. After all, they are the ones who provide you with the means to access the open internet. Through this monitoring, they are able to control what you can have access to and even throttle some of your connection.
  • The Government – To have control over various individuals and the entire nation, the government always monitors what citizens do on the internet. This can be done via sophisticated surveillance, working in conjunction with ISPs, and even having watchdogs for the task.
  • Besides the above two entities, anyone on the internet can be able to access your data provided they have the required skills.

How to protect yourself?

Use a VPN

A VPN is the ultimate tool to protect both your privacy and online security. A VPN uses protocols and unbreakable algorithms that encrypts your online traffic. This encryption makes your internet traffic invisible to prying eyes, and even if they manage to intercept it, it will be unreadable. A VPN also assigns you a new virtual IP address, and this ensures any tracking done what point to you, trackers will just end at the VPN’s doorstep.

But not all VPNs are created equal. Using a VPN means you’re trusting whatever company is behind it to handle your online privacy and security. Similar to ISPs, the VPN service you are using will have access to all your online activities. It’s this reason that you should use a reputable no log VPN. It’s also due to this reason that you should avoid free VPNs.

Most free VPNs provide their services to you in batter trade manner, give them your privacy, they give you the service. In a free VPN, you are the product. Also, free VPNs have the weak infrastructure, and sometimes they might use weak encryption algorithms which might be broken by prying eyes. They additionally bombard you with intrusive ads that can violate your privacy.

Why a no log VPN?

A strict no log VPN such as IPBurger VPN is what you need when you want to ensure that your online privacy and security won’t be compromised. A no log VPN doesn’t store nor log any activity that you do on the internet. Even the VPN service doesn’t know what you are doing. With such a VPN, even the government won’t know what you are up to. Also if the VPN is compelled by a court of law to give your details, they won’t have anything to give; you can’t give what you don’t have.


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