Here Is Why You Should Avoid Free VPN For Kodi

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Kodi is one of the trendiest applications since it lets users not only sort out their files, videos, and music items but also access these services on the web. It means that people using Kodi will have the ability to enjoy all kinds of multimedia content without having to pay anything. With the help of official (and unofficial) Kodi add-ons, it is very straightforward to enjoy multimedia elements from various sources.

Kodi Here Is Why You Should Avoid Free Vpn For Kodi

The Kodi app works best with a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, which is an unblocking resource. Also, VPN technology offers privacy and anonymity, two traits that Kodi users will appreciate, not to mention the added security layer.

However, Kodi users should prioritize paid, custom VPN apps and clients over free brands, for numerous reasons we will outline in this article. Private VPN companies are far more secure, and when it comes to Kodi and the insecure Internet universe, ‘netizens’ should always go with the safest choice.

Kodi: The All-in-one Entertainment Tool

Kodi is an online-powered tool that acts as a home theater, in the sense that customers (or subscribers, for the use of a better name) can reproduce music, video, and even slideshows. Better yet, they can enjoy Internet content without having to pay anything. That content includes videos, TV series, movies, songs, concerts, documentaries, websites, and other streaming services.

You can install and use Kodi in nearly all devices, from your smartphone to a Smart TV, It is open source, and it is compatible with Android, Linux, iOS, macOS, or Windows, among numerous others.

Users can customize Kodi to build their entertainment centers. The played elements can come from their PCs, hard drives, DVD or Blu-Ray discs. However, Kodi’s best feature is by far its ability to reproduce content found on the web via add-ons.

Kodi add-ons are “patches” that allow access to shows, programs, movies, apps, and games that were created and developed by third parties. These third parties may be official (approved by Kodi) or unofficial.

What is a VPN?

Kodi, being an open source software that feeds from contributions made by the community, can be dangerous. There are virtually no hazards with the official, authorized Kodi add-ons, but unofficial ones can get you in contact with malware and hackers.

For the sake of your online security, you should try a VPN. These Virtual Private Networks are capable of encrypting the shared online content as well as the user’s IP address with the intention of keeping that information away from snoopers, spies, governmental intelligence agencies, online advertisers, Internet Service Providers, and hackers, among other third parties and external agents.

Also, VPNs are known for their accessibility prowess, which is another reason why it is perfect for Kodi use. Since they mask the user’s IP address and lend it a different one (which he/she may choose) from a list of servers and locations, they can virtually “put” the client in another place, so the geo-blocked content becomes available.

Remember: most services around the web, including streaming content, are destined to be seen in a specific location. Any connection attempt from abroad won’t receive approval. Who hasn’t encountered a blocking message, such as “sorry, the content is not available in your location?”

Why Free VPN is a Bad Idea for Kodi

A VPN app can be free or paid. The former has the only advantage that they require no payment to use. However, there are numerous caveats with the use of free VPN, especially for Kodi. They don’t come recommended because they can do more harm than good.

For starters, the encryption implemented is cheap and weak. Free VPN brands don’t have the money to invest in infrastructure since they don’t charge users anything. Most of them use the PPTP protocol, which isn’t reliable at all, as it can be easily intercepted and blocked.

Also, free VPN providers have precious few servers available. Again, since they don’t cost anything, how are they going to invest in building a proper server network? Some paid VPN companies can offer thousands of them.

Another drawback of free VPNs is their lack of privacy. Kodi users need to feel secure and anonymous when they access locked international content, and free VPNs can leak your identity or IP address.

Also, since they don’t charge users in exchange of their services, free VPNs often keep and share data logs with advertising companies and online stores that make direct publicity messages based on the browsing history and habits of the user.

For all the reasons outlined above, users should strongly consider a paid brand like IPBurger VPN. It is perfectly suitable for your Kodi experience, as it is fast and private and has a proper server network.

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